PS:302 – I want a 3D Printer. Part 2.

So as of late, I’ve really wanted to pick up a new 3D Printer kit. I just got a “kids” 3D printer in a new style called a “delta” and it’s pretty nice, a little delicate, but I love the flow of how it works.

So I found one on eBay, I played with making an offer and the seller agreed to shave off $9 from the asking price, not much but best he said he could do – it’s a kit and looks like it’d be fun.

Now I have a decently ranked 3D printer from Wanhao USA it has done great in the past but prior to moving to the new house it had nothing but issues, and sadly even after the move, it is still really hard to get sorted – I’ve tried all the tricks and tips, even a customer who deals with them said they can be a pain lol.

I recently though have been thinking about this idea I had to make it into a functional business for printing things for customers + printing out cosplay gear for some folks I know to be active cosplayer’s – but sadly without the larger printer, I can’t do the big stuff.

So it leaves the question, do I want to pursue it as a job and invest some funds? or do I simply want a fun hobby that I can just print more fun things for me? What to do….

PS:211 – 3D Printing Week

I really want to find time to get my 3D Printer working. I have a Wanhao Duplicator I3 however it has a new hiccup, it shifts. HUGE, I need to find some time to get things printed as I love the bigger volume, but it’s never been consistent. I’ve gotten maybe 6 quality prints out of it, rest failures 🙁 Now the MP Mini – smaller build volume – it has even printed with woodfil!

Aside from that really exhausted still, have a job app in for a server admin job, a lot of catch-up from the weekend, and I really could use a massage and a nap. For now going to crash out (I hope)

PS:167 – 3D Printing Update

So I have decided that I’m going to start printing for 1 quarter several items I think would sell quite well, from headphone holders (I love em for myself) to 3D Printed Vases so a lot of things I want to get printing – reason? I want to do a craft fair at the end of the quarter as things cool down.

I have also had a few folks say: “3D Print on Etsy!” I may just do that! I have a basic store I’ve tried setting up a few times, but going to print out a mini photo studio once I get back from traveling, put it together and take some shots of prints – not sure entirely what all I’ll put on there, some are prints I can use and sell, some I want to create my own little prints to sell – love printing, hopefully, more and more in the coming weeks!

I’ll post some prints here in a few weeks once the lightbox is setup and show off what I have! For now, I am going to wrap up packing, hoping to be in bed by 3 no later, out of town by 12 at the latest, and get checked into the hotel, hit the beach and chill for a bit.

Sleep coming soon!

PS:160 – Tired.

This day lasted and I still am not any closer to a wide deployment of a mail server – tired. Sleepy. I did manage to sort out my issue with my i3, it was the extruder replacement, I forgot on the wood filament I dialed it back to PLA friendly and I have it printing another handy add-on for my desk (Laptop Stand).

This night is continuing, had a lot of pain today, aches and pains – this week I need to just accomplish a lot of things, do some homework, and get things rolling to get my school stuff in order and products for customers rolling too.

Making a new site for FlockHosting & Thrust Networks going to be the basic same look, just slap a logo on each, so I can have a functional set of information on each – lots to do, and not a ton of free time ever to do it. Tired.

PS:145 – Printing Again? Yup.

After much work to get hardware sorted, I picked up a Zebra Print Surface which has helped leveling the bed a bit because its solid, its flat, and well so far so good! Good stick, no more glue!

I also picked up the Flexion Extruder, which is meant to do more “exotic” filaments but honestly? It’s awesome! Loving it so far! I’ll have a sample few prints to post up here on Monday, but for now back to TFH as I finish up things, prepping to a first article for Monday, and likely tomorrow a form on the site for asking questions!

Back to work!

PS:120 – 3D Printing

So when I snagged the Wanaho Duplicator i3 – I knew I wasn’t getting some “Set it and forget it!” type system. As MakersMuse’s noted even in the image preview of his review “Tinker’s Dream?” because it isn’t that easy, as I’ve learned the last few days.

If you follow me on Instagram alone I’ve posted a few pics, and let’s just say you haven’t seen everything, my biggest sadness was the stopped print due to jam:

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Slowly getting done! #stormtrooper #3dprinting

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Incredibly frustrating to have gotten comfortable thinking “I got this!” and embark on a larger scale print only to go about 5-10 more layers above that video clip, and then continue the motions, but no longer extruding.

I’m learning a lot of tweaks, adjustments, mods, got some M3 nylon nuts coming which will help give some stability to bed leveling. I’m told they will help and just a lot of things to adjust, try, clean, settings to tweak – it never stops, but I’m getting closer each time I print.

It’s been a great escape for me, strangely soothing, even now Lilly’s out for the count (praying she stays that way). I have the printer on hour 9 or so of printing the cup again, and its settings are a tad rough, and it looks like I may already have a slight shift in settings, and my extruder setting I turned down to cut back on over extruding may have been a tad too much.

One of my goals with the printer is relaxing and creating, but to going to make some models myself (already made one for holding my camera). But some toys, flower pots, tech related, and just fun things to maybe even paint, as I did a Yoda bust and my cousin’s son Dalton painted it kind of cool looking. He even started painting a companion cube from Portal. Cool projects!

Keep an eye peeled more goodies coming after this mega print is done!