Shutting Down Vonage


14 years. Yowza. I hadn’t realized how long I have been with Vonage. But that all ended today.

I signed up 14 years ago while I was still living with my parents, the reason? I was doing business in Tennessee and I wanted to make it easier for locals to call, so I picked up my old 615 number and used it to talk to customers in that area.

Well fast forward 14 years and it’s been ages since I’ve actually seen the Vonage hardware. I’m not even joking, I’ve been paying monthly to keep the number safe and it was set up if the hardware wasn’t found or “offline” it’d simply route to my business line. Worked just fine. Till my business debit card changed.

It’s scary that I’m still just barely finding out months later things that were using the old card which didn’t get updated, and Vonage was one of them, so I paid my bills, called in and canceled. Now the lady told me something interesting:

You can port your number for the next 30 days.

Normally you port -> cancel, but at first, I was going to let it go, but then with the whole debit card issue, figure there might be a call or two still tied to this account, so I looked around and found NumberBarn.

Now, this ended up actually giving me more to work with overall, and for half the cost a month I actually picked up a toll-free number for the business + ported the old 615 to a parked message! Score! So for the cost of less than one month with Vonage, I got a year of the number parked, and unlimited forwarding on a toll-free number for over half the cost I was paying for the 615!

So a big win, something positive, something good. Been needing more of those lately, so a day where I don’t feel great I actually feel like I’m getting a lot accomplished. Thanks NumberBarn!

PS:274 – Grow


Tonight I’ve done a lot of work as the kid has tried to wind down – but one was researching a safe way to check my credit score, get a better grip on where my finances are leading into a new year (2017 is just a breath away) – I did find it odd a check I deposited today wasn’t listed on the online banking, have to double check my deposit slip, and maybe swing by tomorrow and see what’s up if it doesn’t appear.

I did settle on Mint which I had setup years ago, credit score is a smidge down from where I imagined, but improving it slowly but surely – having a kid and such really can get distracting, but things are improving, and like my previous post wanting to grow the business and the office, all things must grow! For now hoping to match last night’s bedtime for the kiddo, but tummy has been rough today. We shall see.