PS:267 – New Week. Low Work.

A low work day, and I guess that’s my fault as to why it feels a little bit of a letdown because I hoped for more accomplished.

One of my big projects is really dialing in my office. I’ve worked on a very “thin” office for years, and now things are growing I could really really use the additional power. I don’t have a home server anymore, and I’ve been wanting to have one so I don’t have to have a desk full of drives for virtuals, backups, etc. I want something robust and have been looking at FreeNAS as an option which would give me a more expandable option vs. some stock piece of hardware, as-is in my testing I have loved the ability to grow! But looked at QNAP, Drobo, and others yet FreeNAS seems more affordable and my cheap 5TB USB drives can be torn down with another it’d give me 10TB of usable storage and a single drive failure, so all my photos, music, etc. all backed up. Quite nice.

Really wanting to build things up, but now I must dig in if I can, stuffy baby may not.

PS:24 – Sick Kiddo

Not a ton to write on today. Lilly for a few days has been frumpy and would go from energy 100% to 1% in 3.8 seconds flat. Today she was crying a bit, and then it came.



Hint of Fruit Loops.



Boy howdy, there was a lot, and she was so upset about it. Like puking it just was pushing out, her tummy was done with it. So keep my little Lilly in your prayers. She’s simply exhausted.