PS:221 – Back in Business

So the hackintosh is back, worked most of the day on the laptop, meant a few lags, few minor issues, but at the end of the day the following things have occurred:

  • Hackintosh Network Issue SOLVED! For whatever reason, Google Drive was causing it to loop, was watching as it booted as soon as Google Drive tried to sync? NETWORK FAIL! Removed Google Drive, I’ll just add Expandrive and ditch the native Google & Dropbox clients for now.
  • Got a new customer it seems, still not 100% sure, I got the “He’s good to go!” and folks seem positive but have yet to see money, customer info, etc. So we shall see.

The day is nearly wrapped up but honestly, with a big screen, I’ve gotten a lot done, been about an hour or so since the fix, so we’ll see what the night brings. Super tired. Still pondering the future of the blog.