Windows, Mac or Linux.

Been a tad quiet around here as of late, the job thing was a no-go. I could write a post, but meh. Wasn’t the right time anyhow.

Work has been nuts, working on a business idea, servers, outages, cool touch screen kiosk projects, websites, and getting a Windows 10 workstation setup on one of my two desks. Why? Well, I needed it to get my Hackintosh working again and had the hardware from an old system salvage, but specs are nice:

  • i5 3350P @ 3.10Ghz
  • 8GB RAM
  • NVidia GeForce GT 620
  • 250GB SSD pull from another system

Aside from the SSD, it’s all that came in the pretty dell case – and it works. However not sure how I feel about Windows, but then again with my MacBook Pro battery failing, it leaves me in the “What do I get next?” stage? I’ve considered a nice Linux box running Fedora or Ubuntu – would be a cheap entry point for the most part probably $600 or so maybe a bit more if I want to make it dual monitors.

The Windows rig works and is honestly a nice change of pace, last time I used Windows was honestly 98/2000 versions and since then only dabbled in Windows 7/8 – so a fulltime rig with Windows 10 isn’t bad, but even dabbling in a slight bit of gaming, I’m tempted to grab a bigger GPU than the card on machine.

I have dabbled with a Linux rig or two virtually but that’s where I’m at in choices Linux/Windows/Mac on a Laptop replacement for the MacBook Pro as I’ve looked and while I could spend around $120 and do my own Battery Replacement on an older MBP and maybe a year or two additional on it, or try to just hold off for now and save up for a new MBP when finances amp up, or a nice Linux/Windows rig as my new portable rig, as Chromebook “works” for mobile, but honestly it’s not the power I need on the go.

Many choices, not sure which direction I’ll go, but for now what I have rolling works for day to day, but would be nice to have a good mobile rig that’s got enough power for on the go to get done anything.


PS:333 – Life isn’t easy. But God is Good.

I’m tired. It’s 3 AM on a Saturday, and let’s just say the amount of stress and things to do this week reached a point in which I was laid out after a dentist visit.

Now nothing happened other than a quick check, then a referral to get a CT scan on a tooth to see what’s going on with my poor teeth – but I came home, tried to work, and just finally ended up laying down and sleeping.

My life has been nuts this year so far, changes in finances, changes in temp, changes in me. I’m tired. I hurt. I’m not always cheerful, but God is still God, and that’s a big thing of what keeps me going.

Right now this very moment? I would rather be sleeping, but instead a break from work, I wish I could push it off, I wish I could disconnect and take a vacation, but sadly? Not in the cards for me. Instead of working through the night to early morning to pay the bills, I’d love to go on a walk, a drive, something not in front of a computer.

I know I’m on the verge of burn out again, things like a random ex-customer leaving a 1-star review and a complaint about a lost live chat session knock me down a bit more than they should, but lately my victory list seems small, so I take the short list and thank God for where I can find the good.

A better balance is needed. Not sure how I can make the changes to make life run smoother, but right now – I’m leaning on God and going to get back to work so that I can go to sleep before I see the sun rising.


PS:240 – Girl in the Pillows

Currently, a little girl who decided 1:30am was a good time to get up has finally gone back to sleep and is buried in the pillows. She’s a goof, I laid down and kept her company for a bit – she wanted a snack thus we ate a Lunchable┬á– and by ate it, she ate the turkey and cheese ­čÖé

It has been a rough couple of days. It’s nearly 4:30am, I’ve solved 3 problems, got a massive headache from the system swap of weather (I can feel it, need to take some Tylenol┬ásoon as it is painful, but working through it best I can.

Few things I want to get a leg up on since I’m up, hoping to be in bed by 6am. Hopefully, Tuesday will be a day of improvement.

PS:99 – One more.

I started this idea to get my writing up a bit. I like to write, I like to type about my life, I had been silent for 139 days, I posted once about Being a Dad in September last year, and then fell silent.

This year started with a need to get back into writing. I am still working on the launch of TechFriendly Help, which should be a blast, but my writing mojo was lacking greatly, and thus PostSomething (PS) was born, and 99 posts later, I’ve kept up mostly.

So with post 100 coming up what’s the next 100 posts going to be? I have no clue.

I want to build up my portfolio, I want to create, I want to document things in my life – I’m trying to find that balance of writing, of resting, of working, and it is entirely out of whack. TFH is half designed and maybe 2-3 articles written, but still no solid filming setup, but hoping to sort that soon.

To┬áthe focus of sites, even LightUnto and CMBits, you name it – I’m tired of starting things and having them dwindle. I’m trying to write a lot in the background – thus, when a recent spill killed my keyboard which I loved (Logitech K740), I gave up and grabbed the K480. It can have three devices via Bluetooth (handy dial to switch profiles), so I can use it on the phone, tablet and desktop, it’s going to go with me in my go bag too!

I know one thing, when it comes to life there are a lot of areas I am blessed. I may not feel blessed at the moment in some, but I have to know God’s working and if I loosen that grip on that area, let Him take the reigns again, it’ll go in the proper path vs. whatever it is I’m trying to do.

Yesterday was a massive low point. I just keep feeling lower and lower in an area of my life, and I just keep reminding myself, I can’t change. God can change me & the area, but my strength can’t do anything on this. Thankful for a few prayer partners who’ve helped me greatly, plus one friend who put me in touch with another person who’s had a similar journey in life, should make for a good conversation. I am always looking for encouragement for sure.

Tomorrow? 100. Today. Bed. Goodnight folks.