PS:330 – Birthday Palooza!

So tomorrow I will no longer have a 2-year-old. No, she will be 3. How time flies and so much fun watching a little girl grow up and a personality form! Oh boy, she has quite the personality!

She does though share her day of birth with 2 others in the family, my nephew Ronnie and my cousin Sarah. Sadly we have not ever had a true mega birthday! Oh how much fun with that be!? Okay okay, may not for anyone else but myself as I think it’d be fun to really just have something awesome for the big day!

This year is mellow as the one set of grandparents are galavanting with my sis and her family. We’ve already had a wild party with her other grandparents which included hats & balloons! (she was excited!)

Not sure what the age of 3 will bring, some have warned its scarier than the 2’s but either way – I love my baby girl!

PS:41 – Migration Weekend.. Bleh.

Another weekend of work. I know it’s my birthday weekend, but sadly work waits for no man, I just want to get things stable for a batch of a customer’s customers.

So far it’s gone somewhat smoothly, few hiccups as always. Now to attack them. Hopefully, I can find a work-free Birthday, but I somehow doubt it – time will tell!

RCB 1.0 – Happy Birthday!


In our family there are 3 versions of RCB or Ron Brown – My Dad, My Brother, and My Nephew – well Today celebrates my dad’s birthday! He’s now off partying at the beach, and while I wish I could have been there, growth of work/jobs has kept me tied up – but Happy Birthday Dad!

Here we are from the olden days, back when we both had more red hair 🙂 I was trying to find a old old old old newspaper picture of us, but I’ll have to have my mom help me find it, but none the less, happy birthday dad! Love you!