PS:350 – The week that didn’t stop!

Oi! This was one of those weeks that while I’m excited about extra hours for consulting, I’d just as soon be done and sleeping!

I have 3 more tasks on the docket this evening, finishing a quote, a server, a piece of software.

Honestly? At the rate I’m going I think I’ll get 2 out of 3 unless I get a large boost in what I’ve got coded already. It’s glitchy, to begin with since I’m working with a really hard to work with the codebase. For instance, I’m having to embed javascript into javascript, to produce something that would have been easier and made the site function better if they simply avoided javascript in the first place.

I’m all for progressive coding ideas to give a real-time experience, no refreshing, however, honestly? for what this site does it should have been flat PHP generating HTML no buzz, no fluff, just HTML.

Now, this week will eventually end, but hopefully, I can get some rest before a busy week ahead.

PS:73 – LegalZoom… Oi.

While I am hoping for a good outcome, let’s just say that LegalZoom has truly at the moment removed itself from my “Companies I recommend”.  I have been considering doing the research on converting “Church Hosting” from FlockHosting into a full-fledged Non-Profit, and was going to use them for the steps forward to become a Non-Profit, but with this latest hiccup in my LLC set up with them, I’m honestly thinking elsewhere.

Since I am still a tad hot under the collar I’m going to avoid writing, going to give them a chance to explain things and see if it helps, but if not – honestly just going to shut down services with them I think.

PS:12 – Feeling Blah

I’ve been up off and on all night. Kiddo is talking & singing in her sleep. However, the primary reason I’m up was to migrate a website.

Still waiting for the official job offer from this company, but a client needed their test website migrated from one URL to another. Done and Done.

I haven’t had a lot of sleep lately. Has been a go go go week, and as it’s 6:30 am as I look up at the clock, I’m not sure sleep will return to me, but one can hope!

Just feeling blah lately, I need a break, but a pile of things to do, so going to knock down a few and pray they stay down. Happy Friday all.