PS:210 – So much for sleep.

I can’t catch a break. Sleep is just not my friend. I’ve not really caught up nor have I finished all the work in-front of me because I’m so tired. I tried switching over to writing as an option to not be stressed over work, and get some content queued up – that was a fail. Wrote a big thing on secure coffee shop internet browsing, like many articles on TFH, nothing much to see yet.

I’m trying warm ramen noodles now, oh yes it’s awesome. 4 minutes delicious ramen from the microwave. I’m on my 2nd serving now as its made me a little sleepy, but not sure if it’ll bring me down.

Part of it is I just have too much on my mind lately, too much to do, and options for more to do that I’m not sure I want to dive into. The computer working issue has been a problem too, but thankfully after some tweaking and adjustments the hackintosh I’ve aptly named “Hackie” has been running a lot smoother, sorted out the hang-up issue with power saving mode – and going to re-work USB access for a set of speakers, and my two drives for backup/storage.

I hope to accomplish a lot this week, I’m pondering making a schedule and locking down time for various projects, not sure if it’ll help – but I have to find some way to get things working smoother, including a block of time to just RELAX or GET OUT – at least once a week if I can wing it, been pondering a drone flight, time lapse, or simply iPhone shooting – weather looks solid:

Image 2016-08-14 at 4.35.23 AM

Hopefully we dip down some, would be nice to not sweat as much as I don’t think any place in town can keep up with my drinking habits 🙂

Well microwave chimed, time to dig in to one last bowl then try to pull a Lilly as I’m heated up, goto sleep. (Works for her!) Night all.

PS:195 – echo “Progress” . $amount;

Currently at about 50% – sadly didn’t get everything I wanted to get done, I’m at 12 remaining tasks out of about 40 (that’s only migration related) mapped out the final re-adjustments to the programming gig as I was waiting for backups to begin.

The big tasks I have in my robot actions is a GIANT magazine migration from ancient hardware as I mentioned the other day to modern, didn’t happen. Wish it had. Didn’t have everything I needed for one (no confirmation on IP changes from both sides) and secondly I had a slew of other issues as I migrated 200+ sites to a server, the same MySQL issue I’ve had before, since so many servers run well, we never upgrade. I’ve stuck at older MySQL for a while, but now as I have migrated about 4 legacy servers this past evening over, Woohoo! But it meant manually checking 200+ sites, by hand. Resetting passwords as I went along. Did you know on a MacBook Pro Core i5 with 8GB of Ram and a SSD you can open about 20 tabs at once (well with 25 other tabs open for migration/coding/music listening) it’s rather impressive.

One of the things I want to do once all projects are caught up is build a hackintosh, I have 2 builds I like, process seems fairly straight forward, but I also need to pull some hard drives and have a yard sale of computers, I have 2 laptops up for grabs, heck I think I’m going to post $200 OBO on Facebook, shipping not included, but machines which would be great for back to school! Save a few parents a few bucks vs. $800 laptops (Your welcome parents)

So that leaves more tasks for Monday, I’m going to lock down the people I need, set a specific time (6:30PM) and say “Hell or Highwater!” and just get-er-done. I need one less iron in the fire, getting there. Slowly but surely.

This next week I think its time to book my hydro massage, and real day off. Already feel lighter with this migration DONE, backup is already running to the new backup server, all customer DNS is backed up, still some work to do, but its cleanup not THE WHOLE PROJECT.

I want to get back to Tech Friendly Help & Light Unto, both projects I have great desire for, and for starters really just going to get into both and start queuing up content for mid-month and beyond, hopefully writing up until the end of the year, something to post at least 1-2 times a week or month (not sure which) but it seems like it’d be fun!

Well its nearly 5:30am, post in for the day, still much to do. For now sleep is my goal. Night.

PS:17 – Taking Help

I’m horrible at it. No. Really. Bad.

Even my brother last night posted to the company I may soon work for, that if I needed anything to do it for me, however, he noted:

He’s stubborn and probably won’t ask for help (love you Chuck)… But just in case he does, he has my blessing.

He’s right. I’m insanely stubborn when it comes to helping usually. Not always but on more than one occasion I do try to do things on my own, and then of course when I do ask for help, folks rarely give it.

I’ve been in a mood for the last few days, call it lack of sleep, call it overwhelmed. I’m stressed, and I’d much rather be at the beach/mountains, clean air, big long walks, and maybe a drone to fly 😉

I need a break sooner than later, for now, keep getting things stable and customers back to full happy.