PS:248 – Podcasting

So I’m slowly rolling out a bi-weekly pod-cast on FlockHosting. Sure I have a ton to do, but honestly? I find it relaxing and its part “let it out” meets “inform customers” I may eventually use it to replace the FlockUpdate, but time will tell.

Tonight I have been doing some prep, one of the big things is really firming up access on my wifi connection at my desk, too many walls between me and the wifi router, and the hackintosh is rather cranky when it doesn’t have a full set of bars, but I’ve taken it tonight from 1.8Mbs -> 31.11Mbps

Nice to have a bit of jump back in, hopefully, it won’t die out in the AM when the world wakes up, but if so I think I may get another RE210 from TP-Link as that is what I’ve re-configured to push the 2.4/5ghz to reach back here what it is now, thinking if I get one more I can bridge the gap, but even the 2.4 coverage is better because I grabbed 2 WA850RA’s at Officemax tonight for a closeout of $15 per device, I grabbed two, and that’s made the Chromecast work again – Lilly watched Zootopia a bit until she buried herself in the pillows and went to bed.

A rough day overall, a customer who has decided to really make a project that was meant to be literally 1 week into now a multi-month painful experience, going to close it out tomorrow night, just be done and say “Here it is, Enjoy.” and submit my final invoice – need to keep knocking down the todo list. For now? The goal is no later than 3am to bed.


PS:63 – Still Posting Something

I confess I sometimes write the post a day ahead. But lately, it’s start writing or I forget entirely. For instance, this one is started, but as a network hardware order side tracked me. So started out good, then got sidetracked into Monday.

I enjoy writing. I do. Grammarly has helped some of my bad habits, but as I type like I talk, that’s bound to be full of grammatical errors galore! Get the red pen out! None the less, even more so this weekend with a new big desk to stretch out and WORK on, I find myself trying to hone my workspace.

A few things I want to add to the desk is a 2nd monitor. Right now I use the laptop + 27in but in searching for an affordable (re: the same deal I got on this 27in, which seems impossible), I found in the Target ad, a 40in Magnavox TV for $199. A 27in screen costs $287 for the LED Acer model I have. Oi! 40in is a LOT of desk space no matter if it is an LED lol.

Something else I’d love on my desk is a 3d printer. Oi. That would be fun, relaxing, and neat to play with, but at even the lowest entry point of $100 (for a pre-order) is nothing special. I’d LOVE to add Replicator Mini, it’s a fantastic looking unit, but let’s be honest – I don’t “need” it, and I think with the drone purchase I’ve capped myself for a short while on big purchases. Maybe once the full-time gig is settled and in place for a few months, maybe. Even then, already trying to put a little away for Ms. Lilly for the future.

This week a lot to do. I’ve thought about digging in right now but honestly I need time to relax. I haven’t even gotten out to fly the drone and try out the new filters or blades, I really want to get out and do a flight, but honestly so much stress I just need to attack it. First thing in the AM is a HUGE to-do list, including TFH. I am going to start writing actively in WordPress, going to get a few security add-ons and SEO plugins all lined up so I can build things out really nice, then my biggest step after that – Theme. Oi!

There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes, and one day it will be something I add to post something, but for now as I can’t even squeeze in two a day (going to try!) I am going to get some more rest under my belt and maybe get this ol body working for me not against me again!

Have a great week! For those on Spring Break, Relax! Enjoy! I’ll be working enough this week for all of us 🙂