My New Friend: Trello

For a while now a few friends have included me on Trello boards and honestly? I never got it. It was unfamiliar and at the time, I just plain and simple did not have the time to sit and sort it out?

So what’s changed? Honestly? 2018 is here, and I’m trying hard to organize a bit more. I finally decided to look at the tool that folks say help do just that, and I’ve taken time to sit down and give it a fair shake as it seemed like a favorite tool and had benefits, but now it was time to test that idea.

So I sat down and made my first board. Just a brain dump as I’d call it, just a LOT of ideas in one spot that had no organization, so went from there to sort it out into various lists to contain the cards and my big board is born. Awesome.

It’s been a process for over a week but now working on other boards from core ideas born from this dump of information, for instance just put a teaching idea from the lists to a fresh list called “Reviewed/Done” which has it’s own board now.

Honestly a great workflow, just wish IFTTT or Zapier had a link in enough to tie in Todoist into deadlines, would be great for that time management part, but will see this week and next how its deadlines option works, but for the most part going to at least work to create a flow in IFTTT for anything put in a “In Progress” list it will create some sort of daily/weekly Todoist check-in notice.

For now, I need food; I should probably put in a daily reminder for that as I keep forgetting to eat! But hopefully, this new tool will help bring some great ideas to life!

PS:299 – Jumping.

Sometimes in life things get to a point where you’ll run yourself in circles trying to sort out a choice. Do I do this? Do I need that? Should I buy 2 or 3? Lately for me, I’ve decided just to jump.

I have been trying to take a risk or two in business, I have made them before, and they’ve failed horribly, but if I don’t work, if I don’t attempt to grow it then it’ll just continue to stale and die.

I tried this in 2016 some with a jump to try Weebly – however for my customers, and even potential customers, even FREE customers, no one wanted it. Folks just didn’t see it as a fit – and that’s okay! Weebly crew was excellent, always supportive, and gave me a break in shutting down, so I would not ever say “DON’T USE THEM!” in fact, if it’s a good fit for your hosting business, give em a go.

Tonight as I’m looking at options for how I want to meet up with some customers tomorrow digitally and looked at costs – started to ponder “What else can I do with this?” and yet the primary need I do have it meets, and affordably. So I snagged a year of Zoom. The software is affordable, offers the ability for me to work on a project with two guys tomorrow who can chime in via their iOS Devices, desktop, etc. we can see each other, talk to each other, and heck we don’t have to wear pants.

Beyond that, I can see using Zoom to help customers and maybe webinar style gatherings to work on some educational stuff I want to do for business later this year – but for now, it meets the need, no need to over-think-it, just JUMP and do it. I know I’ll use it, and it ‘ll save my customers the hassle of the free stuff and limitations it may have.

This year is a lot of jumping, In fact just jumped into the shower and a wild night of John’s Incredible Pizza is rinsed off (burning calories while earning tickets! Boo-yah!). It’s time to wrap up all of the random tidbits, and aiming for bed by 2 am (if not sooner).

PS:267 – New Week. Low Work.

A low work day, and I guess that’s my fault as to why it feels a little bit of a letdown because I hoped for more accomplished.

One of my big projects is really dialing in my office. I’ve worked on a very “thin” office for years, and now things are growing I could really really use the additional power. I don’t have a home server anymore, and I’ve been wanting to have one so I don’t have to have a desk full of drives for virtuals, backups, etc. I want something robust and have been looking at FreeNAS as an option which would give me a more expandable option vs. some stock piece of hardware, as-is in my testing I have loved the ability to grow! But looked at QNAP, Drobo, and others yet FreeNAS seems more affordable and my cheap 5TB USB drives can be torn down with another it’d give me 10TB of usable storage and a single drive failure, so all my photos, music, etc. all backed up. Quite nice.

Really wanting to build things up, but now I must dig in if I can, stuffy baby may not.

PS:181 – Big.

I’m really trying to grow my business. I want it to be big. Granted I’ve had some offers come across my table which were “ideas” that if I’d sell it off and have a full time gig then running an entire division for a hosting company so they could focus on other things (they have a pile of clients too) but since nothing has come about, no sense waiting around ever in a holding pattern!

This weekend I grabbed some more continuing education, I have a pile, and since I can’t do a TON of work on the train this coming week as we take Lilly to her capital trip, I plan to download a few of the videos to the iPad, some of the reading as well and just dive in.

Now of course there will be “Cookie” watching as it’s downloaded to the iPad, iPhone, Nexus 6, and Tab A – thank you Amazon for the best kid show with one episode to keep Lilly Distracted! I should get the Give a Mouse a Cookie book as well for the trip, might be a nice low-tech add-on 😀

But back to the business, this big move has been really nice. Shaking some cobwebs of things, re-working FlockHosting & Thrust Networks front’s they will be the same site short of the logo. Heck if I could come up with a way to put in a pre-processing statement into the theme that said:

if ($siteURL = {
echo “FlockHosting”;
} else {
echo “Thrust Networks”;

Heck that’d be awesome! I really want to echo some of the core design/ideas etc. to work on both sites, then as Thrust Networks I’m moving out of the shared platform a little I want it to focus more on Servers & VPS and FlockHosting I’m still thinking of simply creating a hosting platform for Church Hosting and making it a non-profit, I think that may be the best bet overall, but I want it to grow, but I don’t want folks to simply always go for the free hosting, because even now traveling ministers want free hosting, I know folks want a deal, but Churches are my core focus, for everyone else, $5 isn’t much to ask! It really isn’t!

But I have some great things, even in helping one customer I’ve given him a TON of extras for giving his clients by re-structuring as I suggested, so a lot to do. Not a ton of time to do it in, and I’m strapped for sleep so bad, won’t see much of anyone today, just going to focus, get it done, take a few 15 minute exercise breaks (Elliptical is ready to go!) and drink lots of water to really just clear my system out and get ready for a busy week, leading into a Thursday -> Saturday trip which will add Nevada to Lilly’s list and me squeezing in a Video Conference on a train! Woot!

Anywhoo, as I know not many folks read this aside from you Daisy and a few folks looking for a set of old Ubuntu and Phone guides, here’s to having a good week!

PS:167 – 3D Printing Update

So I have decided that I’m going to start printing for 1 quarter several items I think would sell quite well, from headphone holders (I love em for myself) to 3D Printed Vases so a lot of things I want to get printing – reason? I want to do a craft fair at the end of the quarter as things cool down.

I have also had a few folks say: “3D Print on Etsy!” I may just do that! I have a basic store I’ve tried setting up a few times, but going to print out a mini photo studio once I get back from traveling, put it together and take some shots of prints – not sure entirely what all I’ll put on there, some are prints I can use and sell, some I want to create my own little prints to sell – love printing, hopefully, more and more in the coming weeks!

I’ll post some prints here in a few weeks once the lightbox is setup and show off what I have! For now, I am going to wrap up packing, hoping to be in bed by 3 no later, out of town by 12 at the latest, and get checked into the hotel, hit the beach and chill for a bit.

Sleep coming soon!

PS:160 – Tired.

This day lasted and I still am not any closer to a wide deployment of a mail server – tired. Sleepy. I did manage to sort out my issue with my i3, it was the extruder replacement, I forgot on the wood filament I dialed it back to PLA friendly and I have it printing another handy add-on for my desk (Laptop Stand).

This night is continuing, had a lot of pain today, aches and pains – this week I need to just accomplish a lot of things, do some homework, and get things rolling to get my school stuff in order and products for customers rolling too.

Making a new site for FlockHosting & Thrust Networks going to be the basic same look, just slap a logo on each, so I can have a functional set of information on each – lots to do, and not a ton of free time ever to do it. Tired.

PS:151 – Back to School (Sort of!)

So I’ve gone back to school by taking an online course in basically marketing, SEO, community building, and possibly the gateway to a revenue stream that a few folks have told me I’d be good at which is: Teaching.

Apparently the world is all about digital learning, I mean I’m taking it! So if I’m cool enough why not everyone else?

If some of the numbers out there are real, then who knows, an extra $1000 or so may be in my monthly budget in the next 6 months.

The one thing I love about this teacher is she is very much a “Be Patient” pusher. See I’ve always known the web to be a slow rolling thing. Sure you hear about companies that are “overnight” success, but really are they? Even some names that come to mind they are in year 2 and unprofitable but very popular.

I want to grow a brand, TFH is a big thought to that same end, but even then it stretches out to too FlockHosting’s blog which is my only other blog – I’d love to make it into an option for some e-learning at a fair cost, really market my knowledge.

Like my last post, change is needed. If folks aren’t just lying to me and I’m kind of smart, then would folks pay a little something to learn what I know if it’s so valuable? I mean less and less are wanting to pay for it in the form of a paycheck, but hey maybe if I teach folks, I can get a little something back. Time will tell!

PS:135 – Power Outages Again?!

I set up shop with a data center years ago called D. Now D is a fair enough company, they had older-ish hardware at a decent price point, some great sales deals I worked out due to some servers, and it was okay for the most part, till D had a power outage.

Now as a data center you don’t normally think power outage unless it’s been days on generator, natural disaster, that sort of thing – like the old EV1 days when Texas had some serious weather and various issues, but this – never makes sense.

Well after earlier this year having a multi-day outage, I moved a majority of my assets off-site, left the remainder in an OpenVZ configuration behind to function fair enough until today. 10 minute outage, but to get every VE on the node back online about a 45 minute window of outage during the middle of the day, and the cause? Power outage.

So I’ve already been in talks with 2 other companies regarding hardware to build my OpenVZ into a LARGE system vs. two smaller, and another company I manage wants to merge two of their VE’s into a phsyical server (as we did with 2 others of theirs a month or so ago).

So busy week is ahead for me, but I’m still dragging and trying to feel better and feel rested, so far hasn’t come – but thankfully Lilly is feeling much better! Ms. Energy! So off I go to get the ball rolling on hardware requests.

PS:73 – LegalZoom… Oi.

While I am hoping for a good outcome, let’s just say that LegalZoom has truly at the moment removed itself from my “Companies I recommend”.  I have been considering doing the research on converting “Church Hosting” from FlockHosting into a full-fledged Non-Profit, and was going to use them for the steps forward to become a Non-Profit, but with this latest hiccup in my LLC set up with them, I’m honestly thinking elsewhere.

Since I am still a tad hot under the collar I’m going to avoid writing, going to give them a chance to explain things and see if it helps, but if not – honestly just going to shut down services with them I think.

PS:6 – Dream Big.

I made a post the other day on the FlockHosting Blog about having been around 13 years in business; now Thrust Networks has been around 15 years. It’s been a wild ride.

I started out doing websites with my brother; he went on to do all sorts of good sales kind of things, as well as more of the hardcore network goodies. I stuck to Hosting. I do it pretty well if I do say so myself, and I love it! It lets me help people who aren’t web savvy, who come to a place where they say “What do I do?” and instead of someone who is out to make a buck, they get a guy who wants to help them build.

I’ve been watching Undercover Boss, and it inspires me to think that maybe I can help grow my business or someone else’s business to be something that impacts lives, not just pocketbooks.

I’ve gone on and on in videos, sometimes a tad wordy but explaining things like my passion for Church Hosting. To give churches 100%, free hosting brings me great joy that two fold I can serve Churches as well as help make it as easy as possible! My heart is in it, and praise God others out there have donated into it helping so much they’ll never know how awesome it is to know I can keep growing it!

I want to see big growth. Hopefully, this year will see for a BIG swing in growth! I want to dream big this will grow more and more!