3 Months Away

Honestly I don’t know where the time goes anymore. 

The last three months have brought about a lot of changes. Health wise, family loss, new stresses, old stresses, stresses I didn’t know I’d have with server moves, and a project the size of a house looming over me due in 21 days. 

I’ve gotten to the point with my blog here that I don’t honestly know what the purpose is any longer. I mean I enjoy writing, I enjoy putting things down but then it comes down to a few things – no one is reading the personal stuff, traffic is maybe 1-3 people unless bots are more clever than ever 🙂 but the big hitter is the crypto code for the Omega. So what do I do next? What’s the next thing with this blog? Do I chronicle life from a business standpoint? Do I just release helpful code snippets and how-tos? I considered that once with the idea of TechFriendly, but sadly it never got off the ground.

For now likely this will be the last post for a while again – I could talk about the losses, the code complexities, the fun with creating things like decals, stickers, t-shirts etc. but for now? Check my instagram, as it is one of the most up to date life preview I have at the moment.  (Some nice stickers if I do say so myself!)

So for those of you who do stop in and read, thanks, keep me in your prayers, going to bed more exhausted than I was yesterday to a week that is going to demand more and more out of me! If I decide a focus for the blog, I’ll be sure to swing back and bring it to a focus but for now, have a great Christmas & Happy New Year! 

PS:63 – Still Posting Something

I confess I sometimes write the post a day ahead. But lately, it’s start writing or I forget entirely. For instance, this one is started, but as a network hardware order side tracked me. So started out good, then got sidetracked into Monday.

I enjoy writing. I do. Grammarly has helped some of my bad habits, but as I type like I talk, that’s bound to be full of grammatical errors galore! Get the red pen out! None the less, even more so this weekend with a new big desk to stretch out and WORK on, I find myself trying to hone my workspace.

A few things I want to add to the desk is a 2nd monitor. Right now I use the laptop + 27in but in searching for an affordable (re: the same deal I got on this 27in, which seems impossible), I found in the Target ad, a 40in Magnavox TV for $199. A 27in screen costs $287 for the LED Acer model I have. Oi! 40in is a LOT of desk space no matter if it is an LED lol.

Something else I’d love on my desk is a 3d printer. Oi. That would be fun, relaxing, and neat to play with, but at even the lowest entry point of $100 (for a pre-order) is nothing special. I’d LOVE to add Replicator Mini, it’s a fantastic looking unit, but let’s be honest – I don’t “need” it, and I think with the drone purchase I’ve capped myself for a short while on big purchases. Maybe once the full-time gig is settled and in place for a few months, maybe. Even then, already trying to put a little away for Ms. Lilly for the future.

This week a lot to do. I’ve thought about digging in right now but honestly I need time to relax. I haven’t even gotten out to fly the drone and try out the new filters or blades, I really want to get out and do a flight, but honestly so much stress I just need to attack it. First thing in the AM is a HUGE to-do list, including TFH. I am going to start writing actively in WordPress, going to get a few security add-ons and SEO plugins all lined up so I can build things out really nice, then my biggest step after that – Theme. Oi!

There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes, and one day it will be something I add to post something, but for now as I can’t even squeeze in two a day (going to try!) I am going to get some more rest under my belt and maybe get this ol body working for me not against me again!

Have a great week! For those on Spring Break, Relax! Enjoy! I’ll be working enough this week for all of us 🙂