Once you go Chrome….

So I have been pondering things for a while related to switching away from the world of Mac. I actually just sold my Samsung 503 Chromebook to an old friend, it goes to live with her on Wednesday, and I have the C200M on the block to be sold as well.

I have been looking at the Chromebook 15 from Acer, it’s a 15-inch touch-display, Android Apps without any dev channels, beta channels or nasty hacks to get them work. I checked a box and it’s done.

I love the screen, the speed, the specific nature of what I can do, honestly its a good fit with a 12-hour battery life, and USB-C for charging its a nice fit. Different. What Mac always was about – but lately I just feel like Mac is becoming more about what they can put into a product to make a few more dollars. Everyone’s got to eat.

But we shall see how it goes, I’d love to have it all pan out and become my daily driver – and over the next few days. Chome is now my home? Time will tell.

New Year, New Directions

So here we are nearly a month down and a lot has gone on, tried a new med or two in the diabetic world, Trulicity is the latest which has had some mixed results, but I am down 10lbs in 2 weeks… so if nothing else it was great for weight loss!

I am once again sitting on the edge of “Where do I go from here?” in the realm of tech. Mac world is really not something I find myself saying “Oooo let’s go buy a new laptop!” nor desktop, nor really any Mac device, it just seems “bleh” to me, and yet the thing that really has caught my eye is Chromebook once again. Writing this post on an ASUS C200M which has Android apps which amazingly lets me do things like JuiceSSH and Slack – so very nice, may invest later this year in a more modern non-beta based Chromebook (Samsung’s Chromebook Pro maybe…)

And business-wise, still in limbo when it comes to a steady job, this past week I had the talk again about getting hired, supposed to have folks get back to me on Monday with more, and the position may be something that has grown as a few other people at the company are gone and I might be required to fill in a few more pairs of boots, so we shall see how that goes.

But things are in motion hopefully for a BIG February, the big 38 this year, and already trying to build up some hype with one of my yearly specials for FlockHosting, but too I am hoping to launch FlockHosting.com’s update as well as get something simple online for Thrust Networks before I turn 38, the two sites need facelifts, and I hope to get things rolling on them soon.

Really thinking 2018 will be a big year of change. Not just a feeling of “hope” but a feeling of desire to have some things change up, really be a big different year. I want lots of good things, many blessings and a lot of growth.

For now? Back to fixing a slew of issues for customers that happened yesterday while I was down sick. Happy 2018 all.

PS:57 – Fixing. Building. Solutions

The other night I sat recording video to find out that due to constraints of an FAT32 formatted SD Card concept when made, the camera only records up to 4GB, then cuts. So if you watch this video, you may see some cuts:

So I looked for a solution as I want to build this channel – I’ve made a whopping $0.09 🙂 but honestly I just enjoy the fresh air, beautiful sights, and time to pray.

The solution came by way of a birthday present, my Raspberry Pi. I’ve built it out as a camera controller using gPhoto as per a post on MakeUseOf (the post). Some things you should note if you find this post:

  • Camera Used: EOS Rebel T3
  • Connection: USB
  • Configuration: Enable HDMI Control (Only way it’d see the camera for some reason)
  • Lens Settings: Disable AF (Auto Focus) as the commands didn’t translate, looking for a fix.

I haven’t taken it out for a shooting yet, mainly because the Pi has become a huge part of my network as I’m using Pi-Hole to manage my DNS and stop Ads. I am looking at a Pi Zero or Pi 3 for photography, that combined with my 10k battery, I think it should last long enough to control the camera and take a time lapse or two. Weather allowing would be an impressive sight with bright colors and big greens lately, but then long-term maybe some sunset’s and sunrises, not to mention a good breezy day, possibilities are endless!

Now the camera wasn’t the old thing I managed to sort out this weekend. Local Weather guy who will remain nameless gave me a laptop to try and fix, and sadly the drive was completely failed, and he said I could keep it as I requested. I had this project in mind since it hit the tech sites again the ability to take older laptop tech and make a Chromebook. So I did.

Thanks to Neverware I have a laptop with a 120GB SSD running ChromeOS with no real fuss. Granted it’s not an “official” one, but it pulled in my profile and set my Lilly wallpaper and downloaded ALL of my plugins and apps from my Chromebook Profile. Quite nice!

I don’t think long-term I’m going to keep it, going to kick the tires a bit, but then find it a new home. College Student, Writer, Someone looking for a no-fuss laptop. As long as after kicking the tires it doesn’t just fail or go nuts, I’ll clear it, and make it ready for someone else likely on the cheap or free to a good home, time will tell.

Well, that’s my writing for the day as this week is slated to be n-u-t-s. Throw in a time change hitting hard, Going to do my best to stay upright. Have a good week all.