PS:235 – The File Issue

So about a month or so ago I picked up a gig on a software project. I talked about it recently in this post. I mentioned a file issue with how things were inserted yada yada yada. Well been working on it tonight let me give you a guide – in this image that’s about to follow, G = GOOD, image is in the database, valid, active, 100% working, B = BAD , should not be on the server, should be deleted. AKA: Using my good storage!


So you’ll note Good = 17,126 (and it stays there) however B= 120k and growing. That’s a real time comparison between the file structure and the database for uploaded images.  Oi. The entire thing just ended and this is still my dry-run but the dry run reports:

Good Records: 163,038
Bad Records: 2,270,934

That’s 2 MILLION files in the structure which have no corresponding record in the database, thus are NOT used for anything. ANYTHING. Now to adjust the app to not just scan, but delete.

Update: Already freed up 60GB of storage, gone through sections, no missing images. We may have a free hard drive soon! Woohoo!

Update 2: Really need to goto sleep exhausted, but been doing this folder by folder, and on the 9’s which I may leave till morning as it over 70GB free’d from garbage that didn’t belong. Woot!

PS:52 – Blog Spruce Up

Even with a fair amount of exhaustion in me right now, I am trying to stay as active as possible. So what better way to improve than a fresh coat of paint. Thus a spruce up of the blog. A different theme, new functionality with my YouTube channel. Looks good. Even spruced up my copy of Piwik! Though I am experimenting again with Google Analytics for TFH which will tie into some advertising metrics.

Have a post thought up for tomorrow about my Adventures in Raspberry Pi 2 land, currently have my Pi working as a LAMP setup for website dev, but has a few other side projects in it too – I’ll post more on those tomorrow.

For now, 3 hours under my belt. Lilly woke up at 7:30, stayed awake about an hour then curled up in blankets and now owns the bed. She’s a sleepy baby girl.

So what do you think of the new digs? Thoughts? Comments?