PS:307 – The PS Project

While the idea was to PS (Post Something) for 365 days in a row, I obviously failed. Some might be able to balance all of life, six companies, 2.5yr old, bills, cooking, driving, trips, etc. – Sadly in that wild-life timeline, Posting to a blog didn’t fit in the top priority listing. Which has given me pause to writing as a side job, maybe it isn’t the right time.

I need a lot more scheduling and planning if I hope to launch a site in which the primary content is my writing. Long ago with HappyPalm and others, it was easy, I was passionate about what came on my phone, what news was a trend, it was in my face, and my responsibilities were fewer.

I want to get to the point where I can write, where I can do what I’m doing right now – typing, getting my thoughts out there, or the steady improvement of recording a vLog style video to produce and handle monthly for customers, but maybe find a way to do it nightly. I need a stronger schedule. Soon.

Taxes are coming. I am dreading them on the one hand, however this next week I’m going to sit down, crunch the numbers, get it all lined up so all I need to do? Plugin numbers, add all of it into Turbo Tax, see the good or the bad, get it sorted out and got it done. I don’t want to dread till the 18th; I need to find an accountant, likely need to re-structure how I do business – anyone knows anyone trustworthy and reliable?

Work has been a tad nuts, really working to get things ironed out smoother and smoother, just been one of those things where just when you think it’s going to get easier? Monkeywrench. Last week got one of those, and this week still sadly sitting waiting on one contract I have to pay out 3, going on four invoices – all of which I had hoped would be in the bank already, one is 60 days overdue today. Oi. Not the first time a customer’s done that – again I need to find a better way to handle these sorts of things.

I want to get back into the swing of the PS project; I want to get back into the swing of trying to write something every-day. I have pondered the start of the day and the end of the day, at the moment? Leaning towards the start, but imagining it’ll stick to the end. For now? Wrapping it up.

PS:263 – Long day.

Today… oh heck I think it’s still yesterday! ahem the 5th has bled into the 6th – here we are day two of day five.

It has been a rough couple of days, trying to get a lot done during the day, but Lilly has been fussy. She didn’t take a nap today, she laid down on two pillows we made a makeshift bed for her and dozed in the car a little bit, but awake. Thus her sleep still fights to find normalcy as she goes to bed tonight at around 1:30 am. She had been doing good, but pain lately has been her nemesis. She’s been more clumsy lately, has a few bumps, trips over her own feet – yet… Can walk backwards amazingly well. LOL

I sadly have at least 1 more hour on the docket, going to fine tune mail on a few more servers, work on new status pages for server status pages which I’d love to say UptimeRobot guys – well done. Look amazing and lets me group up various servers to various status pages! Loving it! A lot of things I hope to accomplish this week and this weekend, as the following weekend a 2-mile walk in Springville for the Apple Festival, Lilly is gonna walk it too! Her recently self-training of wanting to “walk walk walk” prepares her perfectly for it 🙂 And since she LOVES apples, why not right? I’ll have a stroller on hand just in case she’s tired and we’ll turn back, but I think the cool weather & fine selection of Apple Goodies will be well received.

Well break is over, back to it!

PS:22 – Back on Track


After any outage it seems like a few things happen:

  • Customers Update Information on File.
  • Unpaid Invoices get paid.
  • Customer Problems found increase
  • Can you do _______ for me? Requests increase

It has been a crazy day. Not what I originally planned for this day, but as it stands got a good chunk done of things that are needing to be done, and I even took out the trash!

Hopefully, over the next week things will level out even more! Looking forward to hopefully next week things calming down and maybe a weekend that includes rest.