PS:292 — Finding Drive

With as much that is going on lately, the drive to get things going is difficult to find. Late nights are doing work for other people, most of the day doing upkeep of servers, code, etc. I just get to the point of the day when it’s supposed to be “Me!” and as the clock reads even now 1:08 AM, I find myself say “I just want to watch a few videos on YouTube and go to bed.”

I’ve been pondering the idea of a “me” day. I know a tad self-centered, but how I feel lately it seems like it’d be awesome to have and just give me a bit of a boost in doing something. Not for others, but take all that know-how and dump it into fixing up my 3D Printers, taking control of my garage workshop I have in the works (including mounting a small TV I have for the wall) but just get it all nice and setup. Bigger projects too like that of TechFriendly.Help which while I want to make it a business-friendly blog and maybe make some money from it/youtube channel of it, I never have the time as-is.

Sure I am a husband & a dad, no complaints there, important to spend time with the family, even when sadly it means I’m up till 3-4AM working on customer projects – but I need to be the best version of Chuck for my family.

I don’t know what/how that day rolls out, but I need to find some more dedicated time to where I set aside a day/hours for me. Like right now, I was resting, but when I saw the Vlog from the maker of saying that Desk3 was out, I wanted to get the tools to keep things ready to write. I love the interface of Desk previously and 3, so far as I type this? A joy to write on, wish Grammarly worked on it so I can look like I’m a better writer 🙂

Going to try and wrap up for the night, been reading, even have a book on I got for my free trial, I miss reading, but at this point, I’ll take someone reading it to me if it means I take in additional information! Been doing that with the Bible App for a while now, well in addition to pulling out the old trusty Bible from under this monitor – just gotta get in new information!

Night all.

Friday Morning?

The life of a server guy is a quiet one sometimes. If all is right, your night is quiet, simple, may even include sleep. Now if you are me you’re doing something for a client because in daylight hours, if you make a mistake you get the following text, call, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, you name it… but no matter what always in ALL CAPS which reports to your various communications as such:


Well like everything in life, as an admin you have the best plans to do everything without issue, quick CSS edit on a site, regenerate, ancient code goes sideways and the entire site looks horrible, followed by the fore-mentioned barrage of texts and such.

Now do it the other way it’s so much more pleasant, it is like this:

Hey! How’d things go last night? We get upgraded?

So much smaller. Happier. Friendly… did I mention smaller? Yes you have time to get any unexpected bugs out-of-the-way, a little spit and polish, and you’re the good guy, the goto guy, the fix it man. 4 letters: H E R O.

Well lately I’ve had a number of hats, from Newsletter Designer to Server Admin – and it can be a lot to shoulder sometimes! Lilly tries to sleep and let me work, but sometimes she just wants to slam the keyboard and say:

Da Da Da (Oh who’m I kidding!) Ma Ma Ma Ma!

Well things are going good with Work, might lose the Newsletter Designer, but either way still plenty of work, now my to-do list contains Website Updates, Trouble Tickets, Server Migration and Website Designer, a lot to do, and this is my only break scheduling this for a few hours from now vs. my 8pm time – but just a quick break to write, to put down what’s up – and now it’s me, working the night away… and I’m exhausted. Insanely so.

I could do this before without blinking an eye, evening would burn through and then suddenly I’d wonder “Why is it bright outside?” then I’d put two and twelve together and realize “Oh its morning…. Goodnight!” without fail most nights like this I wake up to the followup call, person checking on my progress from the late night dig-in, not realizing that their project finished about 15 minutes ago, and I just got to sleep, but the joys of this industry, even if it was a 9-to-5, late night work like this must be rare or exhaustion never let’s go.

So I’m going to dig in, get this finished up and get to bed hopefully before 8am, so have a great weekend, stay tuned for next week, going to give some updates on my impressions of Google Fi, Random Movie Reviews, talking more about servers, and maybe a picture or two of a little girl who’s now 1, walking, and with this last set of shots, cleared for Disneyland… Time for a 5th job. 😀

Be blessed all! Happy Friday!