PS:7 – He Reads Truth

I have been a long-standing user of the Bible App (Android/iPhone) – it has many great translations (most of which you can download for free) but the devotional content is not always my favorite, they are short and I in some cases just a collection of scriptures. That’s not bad, but I want beef!

So I saw some folks on Instagram and Pinterest posting about “She Reads Truth” (Android/iPhone) which was a devotional collection for Women. I wondered if there was an SHe Reads Truth and there is only for iPhone (sadly not iPad as it does not scale) hopefully it’ll be for Android as I’d love to read it in a tablet format!

screen322x572But so far I’ve enjoyed the content it provides, it’s a beautiful layout, very clean and simple. The devotionals have a lot of substance. Not just a quick set of verses – I mean there are times for verses only, but I like that this has three stages:

  1. Verses
  2. Devotional
  3. Reflect

Awesome to be able to jot down what I’m thinking about the devotional. I feel that I walk away with more all things said and done.

I’m not going to stop using the Bible app, honestly, it’s my go to Digital Bible, but for study, I’d suggest He Reads truth for the guys, and She Reads Truth (if just like He) is a good grab too! Check your app store or use the links above!