PS:258 – Work keeps rolling

So I’ve been re-syncing my MacBook, getting things all back on track, part of the reason I want to update the hackintosh is a great sync feature via iCloud – but sadly it failed, been restoring for the last hour. Lilly has woke up briefly 2 times now thankfully back to sleep each time, going to join her soon.

Work is still desperately behind. Tired. I don’t want to play anymore as this week has been no sleep really, even the good bit I got, feel like it didn’t stick. 🙁 In about 45 minutes by the current rate the hackintosh will be back up and running! For now, I have about an hour of work left, but I’m thinking by 4 I’m calling it a night.

PS:199 – The End.

For two years I’ve had a business relationship with a server company, and after multi-day outages, power outages, etc. the ride has ended.

Migrations are done. I’m wrapping up to go to bed as I have a meeting in the AM, Lilly, however, is wide awake, watching Zootopia on my lap. Good times. 🙂

For now my research is nearly done, I’ve cut over more DNS in the last 24 hours than I have in awhile, but so far running smoother and smoother as some customers had some hiccups with Email, but from everything I see (granting this last check wraps up before I pass out) all is well.


PS:91 – Nearly Done

This has been the most stressful month on record. Something has to change.

Nearly done with taxes, just have to plug everything in, and pray that it all pans out. Just so tired of finances, really why can’t we just all owe X dollars for X Earned. I’m so good with that!

My body has nearly had it though with all this stress, so going to bed, waking up early, hoping Lilly sleeps in then digging into the final stretch, making out 2 checks for the state LLC filing and LLC  min tax, then I want to do a few hours of tickets then maybe a movie! Something. I need a break.