PS:6 – Dream Big.

I made a post the other day on the FlockHosting Blog about having been around 13 years in business; now Thrust Networks has been around 15 years. It’s been a wild ride.

I started out doing websites with my brother; he went on to do all sorts of good sales kind of things, as well as more of the hardcore network goodies. I stuck to Hosting. I do it pretty well if I do say so myself, and I love it! It lets me help people who aren’t web savvy, who come to a place where they say “What do I do?” and instead of someone who is out to make a buck, they get a guy who wants to help them build.

I’ve been watching Undercover Boss, and it inspires me to think that maybe I can help grow my business or someone else’s business to be something that impacts lives, not just pocketbooks.

I’ve gone on and on in videos, sometimes a tad wordy but explaining things like my passion for Church Hosting. To give churches 100%, free hosting brings me great joy that two fold I can serve Churches as well as help make it as easy as possible! My heart is in it, and praise God others out there have donated into it helping so much they’ll never know how awesome it is to know I can keep growing it!

I want to see big growth. Hopefully, this year will see for a BIG swing in growth! I want to dream big this will grow more and more!