PS:278 – A week of busy ahead!

This past week has been a tad exhausting. I’m just tired and then to top it off, I’m on again tonight, and someone (her names rhymes with Silly) has been not feeling sleep. She had a power nap earlier, and she’s’ still up at the moment, I’ve staged a LOT of things for her sleep very soon, but this week leads up a lot of busy busy busy busy, and a lot of change change change change – by Friday I’m sure I’ll be ready to just curl up and be done (well for at least 8-10 hours) then it’s a BUSY Saturday.

Tomorrow is busy, too – hoping my schedule sticks tonight with little/no issues in things because have to be up long before noon, and sadly this week has been not that way, so going to be rough, then there may be a trip to Calm for Lilly to have some fun with their Boo @ The Zoo! May do it Sunday but thinking Saturday, plus a meteor shower, so much to do, so little time.

For now, doing some server clean-up and tune-up prepping for an upgrade or two that’s coming. Night all.

PS:275 – Laundry Day Tomorrow!

So the check cleared on the bank listing, phew! Was worried it got deposited wrong (per my mistake) but then I remember the crew at my Rabobank branch are awesome and would have said “Mr. Chuck you tired?” lol and I am! 😀 but all in there, phew.

Lilly’s sleep is better, still not where I want it, but hoping tonight that’ll continue to improve she had a little bit of diaper rash, thankfully after the 3rd application, quickly cleared up, last diaper was not a sad moment of hurting baby girl! So much improved, and she’s loved the books are her Kids Kindle! So dad award for awesome!

In the middle of an upgrade of a server + software, was going to do just software, but server needed a quick adjustment, and since it is at 98% of the latest compile, time to head back and get it wrapped up! Busy busy! Laundry day tomorrow, getting us caught up and freshened up!

PS:106 – When you can’t sleep…

Lilly had a rough night last night, as did I. She, however, is sleeping awesomely right now which she needs mucho more of!

So when I can’t sleep I try to clear my head, try to stop sorting things out, go blank. I want all the noise to stop. Let’s be honest though – that rarely ever happens.

So last night till about 4:30 AM I was working on a few articles for TFH, Cleaned up’s few upgrade glitches, wrote a blog post, newsletter and social posts for Flock’s 14yr celebration, and eventually slept after talking myself out of a drone sunrise 🙂

I did get some good news this morning a box shipped from China, my Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2 is being shipped! I had hoped that I’d get the 2.1 (maybe I did!), but as it stands its the v2 listed so, we’ll see in 2 days (delivery is Wednesday).  I am super pumped, have a handful of prints I want to do, been sorting out to some cool toys and artsy stuff for selling! (Hello Etsy & Farmers Markets!)

My creative feeling is ramping up lately, and this 3D Printer has me excited! TFH has me excited including a re-brand (yes I know I haven’t launched yet) but wanted something more iconic than what I had. I’ll post about it with hopefully a screenshot here this week!

Hoping for a better week. Hoping for even just a better day. Still covet your prayers! Praying things are on a good track!