PS:347 – Dying Drive

Ugh. A customer had a broken computer, the drive is failing hard. Currently hooked up with the NAS doing a full RSYNC of everything – it made about a 1/3 of a pass and the drive shut down.

They had Carbonite running so there is a solid backup, but that leads to the bigger issue, their backup server. It’s not running! It cleared 44.4GB before it completely ate it, and as of posting it’s at 53GB of +300GB of data restored. I’m not sure why they don’t make it run off BitTorrent or something, spread out the data as I’m sure its replicated – but it is what it is!

I’ve let the drive chill some today and going to do one more final pass before it’s done, but a great feature for this NAS is having shell + USB access drive access, makes it SUPER easy to backup to! I’m thinking of suggesting an ASUSTOR AS1002T for their office! That way we can disassemble the BIG beast and retire it, save some power, and make it easier to keep running.

For now, it’s back to evening projects! May have to wrap early as I have a small girl who isn’t tired and keeps trying to snuggle a sleeping mom who has to be awake in a few hours.

PS:338 – The NAS Project

Over the last 48 hours, I’ve been re-arranging data, I have 3 x 5TB Seagate USB External Drives, of course, they are all really 3.5″ drives just come in a handy enclosure to use externally.

I’ve managed to rsync one drive to the 3rd, it only had about 500GB, however, the primary drive I’ve used is 2.6TB in storage used. Rsync has been building the list for about an hour now as I’m trying to do the final syncs to shut down another drive – all in all I have the first round of data, but just want to be sure all is ready to go.

Since I’ll have 2 drives cleaned I can make myself a RAID1 array setup on the NAS for starters, then I’m going to mount the USB drive that’s left as an external drive and rsync all from it to the new RAID1 array, once done, I can migrate the array to RAID5 array and expand it out to give me 10GB  total storage, leaving one drive for tolerance for fail.

Long term I’d love to go RAID10 with all 10TB drives, but for now, RAID5 with 3 will do, maybe add a 4th and give myself another 5TB of active storage but don’t directly need that yet, though I do have a few price watches out there for insane deals on standalone 5TB drives or the same Seagate external drive I have now 🙂

For now, it’s nearly 5 am… I haven’t slept well tonight and didn’t eat yesterday other than a bag of popcorn, so going to try and close my eyes again and see if things improve. More on my NAS adventure probably Monday once it comes in.

PS:308 – Coding Day

So today is a coding day, trying to clear my head and dig in, I’ve mapped out 99% of this, working on streamlining functions for this and basically re-inventing how an existing app works to help keep the lights running. Oi.

I’ve got myself notes on the current database, file structure, and going to tie that all into a magical little script which works to build a backup of data which the current system has no backup option at all, going to make it on-demand too for the customer + tune up some old code aside from this new number.

Low on sleep, but writing strangely helps clear my brain, even if I’m not skilled at making sure the correct form of “your” is in there 😉 I do what helps and this helps focus and clear my head, so now, onto the fresh dev box I just built out to get coding. Happy Tuesday All!

PS:303 – Unmotivated.

I just can’t seem to get myself really “hungry” to work right now. It has been a fairly blah week. I find myself exhausted. Seems like I run a ragged week only to run a busy weekend, only to start another week running.

I’m honestly so unmotivated to work lately if it wasn’t for the fact that bills must be paid, mouths must be filled, I’d probably just be a lump on the couch. I’m tired, and honestly? A bit sad.

Life never said on day one “It’s going to be easy! Enjoy the ride!” no it simply said “Here’s a life. Live it.” and that’s what we do.

Being a business owner sucks. Honestly, there are parts I’d give up in a heartbeat. For one? Finances. There are times I wish that the money part like invoicing, hardware payments, etc. all simply was not part of my job, but I’m a solo act at the moment, and until some larger revenue streams come into place to support the addition of another employee – it’s on my shoulders.

Not easy. Hopefully, though this year will present some additional revenue streams, maybe find a good service to manage my finances – would be nice to have everything DONE and simply focus/worry about making things work. I’m good at that! I’m good at making sure folks websites are online, repaired, fixed, running smoothly – but even then that work I do, it’s sad when the customer decides when is a good time to pay.

I’m dealing lately with a few customers who have my finances taking a punch in the gut as I invest time in a project, the idea is I get paid when it’s done, and then the customer decides “Nope!” and even now I have 2 invoices of a decent size from projects which are over a week overdue. 🙁 That’s not a motivation to do more work.

Again, maybe it’s time to be a lump on a log. Or maybe I just need to get more sleep. Time will tell.

PS:287 – Missing Posts

So if you actually are reading this, then you may note that there has been about a 3-week gap. Good reason for that too – you’ll note in one of the last posts there is a picture of Lilly and it was entitled “Home” well I’ve got a new place, it has been a busy couple of weeks getting moved, getting settled, making sure I get work done to afford this place! You know small stuff.

I could go back and say “Hrmm.. what was I doing on the 30th?” but instead, I’m just moving forward, still will continue the Post Something idea, try to keep to daily writing, but we shall see if that actually sticks, no one really is reading this, and it is a bit more of a venting process at some level, but we shall see.

For now really working on trying to put together a schedule for writing, developing, etc. going to launch a site building service for customers starting at around $200 and up, wanting to get TFH up and running even if it’s just a blog for tech writing, leave this for personal only, and put all tech thoughts there – and maybe grow a brand. Too I’ve found a possible t-shirt company to work with, and if it goes well may make a store for designs and such, so some revenue stream options are there!

Still waiting (like a year later) for a side-gig to become a full-time gig and if that happened, would simplify a lot of things, but for now? Going to just keep moving forward, all I can do! Holiday’s are coming up and I’m dead tired – even this morning woke up at around 4am, and have been up since. Going to work on a few websites while Lilly’s sleeping and see if I can’t wrap up a few things project wise today!

PS:203 – Putting out Fires.

One of the big reasons I’m exhausted is I’ve done a HUGE migration this past month, which has bled into this month, as well as a project that took a bit longer than expected, and then I have another project possibility on the horizon – busy. Fires are almost all out!

I’ve spent the last 3 days working on Code & Email issues, thankfully most fires are out, just re-worked cPanel’s email system to allow me to choose where particular domains route through! Now 15+ domains route through a secondary SMTP service which helps with deliverability which should help customers not get rejected or failure notices.

This week? No clue. Hoping Monday will go smoothly, then its a matter of just finding time to rest, doubt that’s coming anytime soon! Say a prayer for me!

PS:194 – After the dust settles…

The last 2 months alone I haven’t felt like me. At all. I feel like a machine just going through a list of instructions and getting done as much as I can squeeze in, taking every moment and filling it with work, tasks for others, and then more work.

Right now I’m trying to get in a blog post for an audience of maybe 2 people, I’m working on migrating 250+ accounts from 4 servers into one big boy with some great enhancements. I’ve got some pie (perl pie) lined up amazing one a single line of text can do.

I haven’t drone’d, photo’d, movie’d, walk’d or anything else I can think of that makes me me, except the sysadmin part, and I didn’t even get flowers on Sysadmin Day! Really just drained. Really tired. Really stressed.

The plan is to finish this pile of work – I do have to change some 200+ MySQL passwords tonight it seems because the upgrade is coming from such old SQL and I don’t work with the customers I’m moving, so no one knows how to do what I have to do, which is basically edit wp-config of about 200 wordpress sites, copy the password, change it on MariaDB (new engine, SQL compatible) – but once ALL of this is done, I’d love to get some more “me” specific time, a time-lapse, a drone flight, a trip to the beach to help a certain nephew setup a 3D Printer, Watch Give a Mouse a cookie 300 more times with Lilly (wild 2 yr old!)

Going to wrap up this post, going to go grab a snack I think, if I remember past hitting post.

PS:185 – Still not done.

Took longer. Here we are at 4am, I’m rolling as much work in as I can while I finish up the final bits. So far I’ve helped 2 other server customers with issues, resolved a BIG issue one one customer’s client’s server, twas crazy glitch, someone who setup the server (wasn’t me) did NOT know what they were doing, but all things said and done, it’s ready for a reboot tomorrow.

I wish I could be in bed sleeping, but for now, I have only about 12 more sites to review – have a MASSIVE image optimization going on at this moment, JPEG took about 30 minutes, still doing some wild stuff with PNG files, but much quicker this way vs. 3rd party WordPress plugin, did it in dev, pushing it to live, going to have it be a twice daily cron on any files newer than yesterday, so should keep it running lean from here on out, customer uploads anything within 12 hours it will get compressed and tuned up.

Back to it. Minor break to breathe and write is now done.

PS:175 – The Zoo

We were about 1.5 hours from San Diego, and last trip we didn’t get to the Zoo, and it was insanely hot, today we made it to the zoo. Lilly did alright – but it is a multi-day event honestly or at least a day of not having traveled from another place that wasn’t home without good sleep under our belts, but Lilly had fun it seemed! Trip home was long, but we made it safe and sound!