PS:273 – NAS + Home Automation

I’ve been doing a lot of research as of late, really wanting to build out a NAS for backups and such,  also been looking at home automation like things which happen as I approach a geofence. I have grabbed a LIFX Bulb, just plain white, and love the fact that with a single bulb I can have my office all lit up once I get in range, I leave range? It shuts off. Plus Lilly loves the button to push to shut off the light or turn on Lilly Mode for sleepy baby time.

This week has a LOT ahead, already have some hours logged this weekend even while traveling, Lilly did get to see her animal friends at the zoo, now let’s just hope after a busy weekend she can get some sleep.

PS:50 – Target Clearance

My last post felt like a downer. Things are sad right now but wanted to type about something a little less depressing. Tech.

My local Target store recently revamped their electronics center to be as the local manager-ish guy said “be more BestBuy Like” oh boy that turned me off as I’m honestly not a huge BestBuy fan, always crowded, and impersonal.

None the less Target is actively selling off hardware at discount prices, for instance, the DLink DSP-W215 was only $10. I grabbed the Seagate Expansion 5TB Desktop (USB3) for under $100 – granted not a huge discount, but still ~$30 less than retail, not too shabby, and last but not least I got an iPad Case & FSlipcover for $9 a piece.

I am hoping to review a lot of tech in the coming months if I can get a good layout and format rolling for TFH. I am starting writing this week, have the Chromebook all charged up, and I am going to write like a mad man. Once all writing is done, going to gather image assets, and then queue up WordPress with some posts once I reach 100+ posts scheduled, and then try to add/schedule 3-5 a week as I go along, threading some into those already posted.

I have some fun plans for tech and things like Target Clearance, and such are ones I hope to share with people what they may be able to find in their back yard.