I missed only 1. Thanks $5 Traffic School.

So at the start to this summer’s state capital we made it over the pass heading towards Denver in our rental, and honestly, I couldn’t tell how fast we were going, but a CHP was concerned and pulled us over.

I don’t say a jerk because honestly nicest officer I think I’ve ever gotten pulled over by – and I’ve had a lead foot now and again, (even on my birthday!) but this guy was super nice, even was polite with Daisy & Lilly, explained how the ticket worked since it was in Mojave, not Bakersfield, and sent us on our way, and that extra caution on speeding, really did make the rest of the trip much safer, and I think avoided us an accident or two.

Officer Franklin – Thank you, sir. Got me more mindful of the rental’s speed, even managed to get its cruise control running that much more accurately and by trip’s end the car was second nature!

But thankfully since my speed hasn’t been an issue for a few years I was up for Traffic School, after a slightly painful ticket – but found 5 Dollar Traffic School. It was on the list they sent, and honestly it didn’t look like Netscape 1 was the only compatible browser (there are a LOT of crappy looking traffic school sites) – had some PHP errors I reported, but all in all, worked great.

Took it all in a day. All of the quizzes were super helpful to the point at the end as I said, only missed 1 (96%) and now I have a ticket on it’s way to being removed from my record, even paid a little extra for status since its all digital now with the courts + got a copy of things for my own records just in case something is wonky.

Nice to have one more thing off the list in the grand to-do! I start a new project tomorrow, and hopefully get paid for a server project here soon too! Lots on the docket as of late, but I’m still moving forward – been a busy/rough couple of months, I’ve applied to another IT job, no response. I do have a name that I could drop, but I’m seeing what I can do at this point on my own, but for now, I’m “Under Review” so we shall see.

Back to it for another hour then it’s bedtime. For me, that’s early to bed, and before 10 AM is early to rise, so working on it 😀

PS:110 – Need to feel inspired.

Lately, I don’t feel inspired. I feel pretty low. Some insanely difficult weeks ranging from personal to business, kiddo health, lack of sleep – you name it. It’s been difficult, and I get bursts of inspiration, but I just don’t have that “Conquer the world!” feel. I feel like I can’t even take a nap right.

One thing that inspires me a little is a vlogger named Casey Neistat, he recently talked on his vlog about following your dreams, not too shabby of a vlog, take a peek (some mild language, easily offended tread lightly):

This guy has some things I like, like drones. I was into it then he got into it, and it makes me go “WOW!” when he flies it around NYC! Impressive.

I want more positive in my life. More push that says “You can!” not “You can’t!” – I want that drive that says “You’ve made it, keep making it, grow it, build it, make it happen.”

Now Casey is one of those guys who helps me not give into that old TV Sitcom idea that “You give up when kids come” he has two kids, one which is little! And yet this guy has taken his daughter all over the world with him; he stays tuned with her over FaceTime when anywhere!

I want to grow. I want to just take off my business; sure it’s hosting, but I want it to be something bigger. I want to have the ability to load up the fam and go ANYWHERE and be blessed to have that fun and connections to companies, deals, things that are just me linked up and a valuable person!

I know I have value to some folks; I know I’ve made a change in lives around me, I know that in hosting folks in the past week have written some awesome things like:

I pastor a small church and thanks to Flock Hosting we are able to have some big church functionality! You folks are a real blessing!

It’s awesome that I do make a difference, but I want to feel like I’m moving forward, building, growing, and making more and more of an impact. I want to grow. Got a video or blogger that inspires you? Comment or email me and let me know!