PS:11 – Crock Pot’n It.

I was thinking about what to write today. I thought to myself:

Let’s write about Post Something!

Then I was hungry. I have a desire for something warm and delicious! So thus the title Crock Pot’n It.

Lilly is a big fan of Mac & Cheese. We grab the instant cups from Target, and we love the Sprouts Mac & Cheese! However as I’m trying to do a few things:

  • Save Money.
  • Eat Healthier
  • Cook

The CrockPot recently allowed me to make an awesome Mac & Cheese, took 2.5 hours, and was super tasty! So I looked at my pin’s on crock pot meals (well one of them) and tried one. It was simple, and looking for a complete recipe I found this bloke:

I will agree! I did a modification, I did a mix of cheddar and colby jack – it is as simple as he says!

I plan to make more of this as Lilly was a big fan! So I’m looking for more, once life calms down I do want to find more, but next on the list is BBQ & Alfredo if I can find a good one!

Do you have a crock pot fav? Let me know what it is!