3 Months Away

Honestly I don’t know where the time goes anymore. 

The last three months have brought about a lot of changes. Health wise, family loss, new stresses, old stresses, stresses I didn’t know I’d have with server moves, and a project the size of a house looming over me due in 21 days. 

I’ve gotten to the point with my blog here that I don’t honestly know what the purpose is any longer. I mean I enjoy writing, I enjoy putting things down but then it comes down to a few things – no one is reading the personal stuff, traffic is maybe 1-3 people unless bots are more clever than ever 🙂 but the big hitter is the crypto code for the Omega. So what do I do next? What’s the next thing with this blog? Do I chronicle life from a business standpoint? Do I just release helpful code snippets and how-tos? I considered that once with the idea of TechFriendly, but sadly it never got off the ground.

For now likely this will be the last post for a while again – I could talk about the losses, the code complexities, the fun with creating things like decals, stickers, t-shirts etc. but for now? Check my instagram, as it is one of the most up to date life preview I have at the moment.  (Some nice stickers if I do say so myself!)

So for those of you who do stop in and read, thanks, keep me in your prayers, going to bed more exhausted than I was yesterday to a week that is going to demand more and more out of me! If I decide a focus for the blog, I’ll be sure to swing back and bring it to a focus but for now, have a great Christmas & Happy New Year! 

PS:250 – The Fair

So tonight was a journey into the fair. Good weather for the fair, especially the first few days! Now next week… gonna be HOT.


Lilly had fun, a little scared on rides (similar to how she was scared of the ocean when she first met it) so something she’ll conquer in her next visit to the fair in a year 🙂 (ok maybe this next week if time allows) but long day, long week. Sleep coming soon I hope for me!

PS:167 – 3D Printing Update

So I have decided that I’m going to start printing for 1 quarter several items I think would sell quite well, from headphone holders (I love em for myself) to 3D Printed Vases so a lot of things I want to get printing – reason? I want to do a craft fair at the end of the quarter as things cool down.

I have also had a few folks say: “3D Print on Etsy!” I may just do that! I have a basic store I’ve tried setting up a few times, but going to print out a mini photo studio once I get back from traveling, put it together and take some shots of prints – not sure entirely what all I’ll put on there, some are prints I can use and sell, some I want to create my own little prints to sell – love printing, hopefully, more and more in the coming weeks!

I’ll post some prints here in a few weeks once the lightbox is setup and show off what I have! For now, I am going to wrap up packing, hoping to be in bed by 3 no later, out of town by 12 at the latest, and get checked into the hotel, hit the beach and chill for a bit.

Sleep coming soon!

PS:115 – Creating

Something about creating that makes me feel good. I have been tinkering and getting better at 3D Printing (see Instagram photos to the right) and working up some fun ideas in my head and thus enter Tinkercad to work out an issue.

I wanted to get my Raspberry Pi’s camera mounted better than my current rigged setup of a cut piece of foam, with a twist tie holding the camera to something a bit more, stable. Thus, I searched around hoping maybe someone had fixed my issue, sadly most required M3 screws which I don’t have, and then most are meant to be screwed into the printer. I wanted simple!

Enter this design; it’s simple. Snaps, but had an M3 screw for the bottom, so why not just make an M3 shaped piece (with the proper sizes and all)? Then you just need a good wide base, throw in a space underneath for the camera’s cable, and you’d have a nice movable camera for a time lapse from any side 🙂

Image 2016-05-11 at 1.37.45 AM

Behold, the camera case + a nice stand! Still a prototype at this point, waiting for another test print off the printer to be done (fixing up print errors with some settings tweaked) but once it’s confirmed working, I’ll upload the 4inch high stanThingiverseverse + make it public on Tinkercad should anyone want it.

Simple, but hopefully more to come! Need anything printed? Helps me learn! Just let me know!


PS:70 – Health, 3D Printer or Drobo

The last few days I just hit rock bottom. Fried. Today has been a massive day of rest. Just doing nothing at all, Nada. Sleep has been the big thing, but sadly with my body just beyond exhausted I’ve done a lot of sleep. I could use a lot more as I feel like I’ve run a mile in quicksand. I am worn out, every joint hurts; body is swollen too. Took something for a headache and pain, hoping to return to sleep again soon.

Which leaves time to do research. I’ve been trying to increase my storage around here, over the years I’ve had some drives for storage, most ran non-stop and have since given up the ghost. A majority of things live online, my photo archive for one syncs up for my phones -> Dropbox & Google – however, my DSLR and Drone Footage both live in Photos on my Mac – so my next logical step is the Drobo. I’ve considered one over the years, but now the cost isn’t too shabby. Easily even using some spare drives I have could have 4-5TB of storage that’s RAID worthy.

Now on the other side of the coin, lately, I have my creative bug going. The Drone is great for the photography / outdoors fun, but creating is still on my docket. Thus, the desire of a 3D printer has led me to a few options under $500 which if I saved up, or splurged after taxes, would allow me to scratch the creative bug, and maybe to make some money in the process. Some great communities online and YouTube channels which have provided a slew of information – very nice stuff.

So that’s where I’m at, 3D Printing = Fun, Relaxing, a touch of profit, or productivity with more storage for archived videos and such on the Drobo side. Honestly? Leaning towards fun. Just haven’t had enough of that in the past month, insanely exhausted or maybe I’ll just forget both of them and get Lilly a Pony 🙂

Hope you all had a great Easter, be blessed. Till tomorrow!

PS:53 – Becoming a fan of Pi

For my birthday, I got a Raspberry Pi 2. It’s a $35 computer which runs Linux and can do some pretty awesome things. Youtube search, and you’ll find a slew of videos where folks have made it into all sorts of servers! Home Automation, Classic Arcade Game Station, Entertainment System, the list goes on and on.

I personally, however, am using it for the following things:

  • Internet Checkup – Does a speed test on the hour and saves the results to an excel file.
  • LAMP – Allows me to setup websites on my local network to build/design.
  • Ad-Blocker – Ad-Free Internet Browsing!

For $35, you can pack a lot into this little bugger.

As a Linux Guy it does allow me to do a lot of linuxy work stuff on a simple platform and long-term I want to try some projects which I can control things like a touch screen, etc.

They recently for the same price released the Raspberry Pi 3 which now includes WiFi and Bluetooth, mine came with a Wifi dongle in the pack, but with wifi built in, it should make things a lot easier for folks to deploy (and less bulk).

Here’s a screenshot of the ad-blocking interface, and results of my internet checkup. Quite handy indeed!

PS:43 – Latest Flight

So in an attempt to relax on my birthday went for a drone flight:

Took some photos too! Haven’t posted many of those, but I think I’m going to post some online soon! For now, since I’m exhausted after a rough weekend which included a sick Lilly 🙁 I’m going to get back to work and try to wrap up for the evening so I can sleep tonight.

PS:39 – Raspberry Pi 2

Well got an early birthday present of a Raspberry Pi 2. I’ve looked at some projects including a NAS for projects. Currently, I’ve got it set up as a LAMP setup to do some web dev.

I have been looking at though making a smart mirror! There are some projects using the Pi as a brain for a delightful display that shines through the mirror – super cool idea and who knows may make a nice gig to sell on Etsy or something similar.

Loving it so far, have it running headless in the other room, but lovely to have a low footprint for a system and next to nothing in power, even runs on battery power so may make a storage system for the truck! Lots of options!


PS:33 – Photography!

So yesterday to take a breath from the building stress of work, I drove out to one of my favorite spots to relax and met a nice lady who took a picture of Lilly and Me!


But look at those wildflowers! I want to go out there again soon, so calm and peaceful (and a workout!) got to chat with Anne who asked for some more fun places nearby to shoot, gave her some tips 🙂 And her friend took my email address to pick my brain later! Nice folks, always enjoy chats with photographers!

It was beautiful for sure, maybe a new drone video soon if I take Skippy out there this weekend!

I do have a GI appointment tomorrow, may include the follow-up scope from my hospital visit last year, but we shall see. A little nervous, really don’t want to be put under again, left me off for a few weeks.

But I will leave with a last photo, so it’s on something happy – have a good weekend!