PS:36 – The Week Ahead

This week is going to be a busy one! This morning even I had a phone call from a customer wanting to look at a server option for his customer to help tune up Apache response time so he can gain some milliseconds for SEO sake.

Aside from that possible spin-up, I’m reviewing a server in how to best break down things into three other servers (as it’s overloaded) hoping to have at least 50% of it split off by middle of next month (if not sooner).

I have a website to finish, another server migration of 2 VPS -> 1 Dedicated, and as of about 5 minutes ago, malware/hack cleanup of a company’s set of websites. Oi.

Glad I got some sleep under the belt this weekend, and just now with the kiddo as she had been up since 7am-ish and wasn’t stopping but it required me for the nap apparently! So she (still sleeping) and I got a nap in, and I’m now up going to sneak in a pile of work as she rests!