PS:262 – Google Home?

So I’ve glanced at the Amazon Line-up for a nice virtual assistant, it’s not bad, but my big problem with Google & Amazon is they don’t play nice together. If I want to do Amazon on my TV? Amazon Device Required, or Xbox.

Google Chrome won’t display my Amazon content, so no go – but I’ll be honest since a BIGGER chunk of my goodies live on Google, the Home looks fancy. Now their mesh Wifi system already apparently works with my On Hub, so that’s a plus, but it’d be nice to get a new device which will listen to me and help me manage my house a bit – quite nice indeed.

I think it’s on a maybe list, possibly mid-2017. We shall see.

Project Fi so far….

fi_logo_sq_1200So in getting started with Project Fi, I got 2 boxes, my new Nexus 6, and the “welcome kit” which included a case, headphones, and a battery pack for giving me some on the go recharging ability so all in all not too shabby.

Now one thing I can safely say so far (I pray it doesn’t change!) is the ease of customer support! Live chat twice now has me taken care of without a hiccup, all easy fixes, even the # porting was confusing, I have a Google Voice # which I’ve had since Google Voice was Grand Central, even had a $1 promo credit, all that said it could take 5 days to migrate, was done in about an hour – and then a hangup with texts routing only through Hangouts was a quick Hangouts App upgrade, then un-checking a box. Easy.

So how do I like it thus far? An under 24 hours review? Pretty awesome:

I am paying $50/m which breaks down to $20 unlimited talk/text + $30 for 3GB of data, which is pay for what you use, even if I go over I like that it’s simply billed by what you use, so if I use 3.1GB of data, I get billed $1 extra. Simple. Easy.

I’ve used the phone around town a little, again under 24 hours and even now I need to work on a project to fix fonts, but I’m exhausted and its nearly 1AM – but I love the service thus far, it’s kicking butt where Verizon is lacking, even tonight according to a handy little app I found in the ever amazing Project Fi Google+ Community, I’ve been on Sprint’s Spark network – I made a call without issues, no lag, no delays or as I like to call those things now “Acceptable Failure Rates” according to Verizon Wireless.

So far in Bakersfield at least where Mighty Magenta and Big Red have made claims of “EVERYWHERE NETWORK” and where maps bleed magenta all over this town, there are serious dead spots, now big score to Magenta is that they have WiFi calling, solves a lot of issues, now Big Red offered me the honor of buying a booster which uses the internet, but costs me $250, a manager offered $35 off, and a phone support rep claims their manager offered $75 off, but to buy MORE to simply be able to use my service with Big Red? No thanks.

What does this mean? Jump ship go all in Google? Not just yet, again this is day 1, by Monday I may be cursing its name, but even so the Nexus 6 works with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and rumored well with Verizon, so I have options if it simply doesn’t play well moving forward, but so far I’m hopeful, and just like the G1, I enjoy trying Google’s koolaid 🙂 (It’s grape!)

Got any questions? Want to try to get an invite to join in? Visit and sign-up with your Gmail account today, or if you want to take a peek at the hardware and setup, hit me up on hangouts, invite me for Starbucks, I’ll get you a look 🙂

Going to try Fi

fi_logo_sq_1200Cellphone companies have failed me many a time – let’s just say, I’ve tried them all, start with Tracphone AGES ago with a Noika, moving my way up to now with Verizon, but as all do something has hangups:

  • Tracphone: Expensive (mind you this was AGES ago, know folks who love them now)
  • Cingular (AT&T): Billing Issues (again AGES ago)
  • T-Mobile: Un-Carrier left me with barely a workable cell signal (about 2 years ago)
  • Verizon: Who too has signal issues they now claim is with in their “acceptable failure” range.

And thus enters Google’s Project Fi – a new attempt at a carrier which uses 3 Networks (sprint, t-mobile, and wifi) to keep your calls alive – so for $20/month Unlimited Text and Talk + $10/per GB of Data – why not give it a try right?

Well I’m officially ordered and hoping to have good results that will give me a better overall set of access, Sprint & T-Mo are both “decent” enough providers in Bakersfield, hopefully where one fails the other will pickup + Wifi hot spots and home Wifi/Office Wifi will pickup the slack, for the price how could I say no?

I’ll post an update in a week or two after the Nexus 6 and SIM Card get here, it’s the only phone that works, nice thing is if Google’s offering isn’t workable its a compatible phone with T-Mobile/Verizon/AT&T and Cricket – So still will have choices if I want to stay with Verizon or make the move to another provider, stay tuned! Reviews to follow!