PS:257 – Meeting Woot!

So talked about a big setup of servers today, going to be a big investment, I feel good about it, but I want to pray about it big time too. It’s going to be a big investment of time, things are working “fair” at the moment, but the average is fair because some customers are having issues 🙁 so looking at the options they gave me.

Hopefully not too much longer of a night, my hackintosh is trying to update to macOS Sierra, hoping it’s not a fail like before, but if so backup just finished to the backup drive, so if it fails I can restore.

Here we go.

PS:220 – Midweek is Here. Work More.

So just as things are starting to heat up, boom. Hackintosh FAIL! Okay not a complete fail, system runs, but I have two key issues:

  • Audio Doesn’t Survive Sleep
  • Networking has stopped.

Not really sure what’s gone wrong, Networking wasn’t a problem earlier, but something has gone sideways. 🙁 Took up most of my work time this evening, still isn’t working, shutting it off and going back to work on the wonky laptop.

PS:213 – Nearly Working

So an update on the Hackintosh, some audio issues – which actually seem solved by adjusting some boot options, they aren’t set in stone, just this boot, but so far audio seems to be a tad more stable, camera is running smoothly, and not the same stutter I got on occasion, now if I could only remember what I took off 🙂 (I am tired)

Kiddo is asleep, she seemed to be feeling better, only 1-2 mini tantrums – looked at her as she screamed staring at me and said “Did you want to sleep down there?” she giggled and said “Noooooo” lol man I love this kiddo, she’s mid-tantrum and I ask her a basic question and she says no, smiles, gets up, helps me put away her toys (the reason she went down to the floor in the first place) and climbed up in bed ready to crash out. 🙂

But things are working better on the system, now if I could just catch-up this to-do, even tonight got another migration on the books it looks like a good 40 hour one, thankfully the last 3 migrations have mostly cooled, I do need to dig into some PHP tonight to help re-code a site that the move broke, but the code just was not safe as no matter the version of PHP I throw at it? Won’t work because security has improved and the customer coasted by on grace that their hosting company wasn’t a huge fan of upgrading PHP (because he knew it would break things) but thankfully now he’s on one of my boxes, newer PHP options, newer SQL, etc. just keep on improving.

So need to update my TaskPaper with a few new to-do’s already went through the list and closed out and collapsed the old ones. Felt good. Now to get the list updated and ready to go, have about 4 MUST do tonight’s. So off I go.

PS:209 – I’m tired.

I think that at the end of Post Something (PS) that if I were to do a search for the words “I’m tired.” I think it’s going to be at least a 3rd of all my posts.

Image 2016-08-13 at 2.16.13 AM

The closest I can get to a similar configuration from Apple would be $3,470.10 – Thanks to the miracle of Amazon Prime (even speeding up shipping to 1 day) I paid: $833.17. And it works. Actually looking at a 3rd SSD (when one is on sale) to triple boot if I can wing it, Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.04, and El Capitan!

This day isn’t over, just taking a brief break as I dig into a server or three, so far speed has been amazing, hadn’t realized how laggy things were until I started rolling things out, I’ll get a few shots of it once I get things cleaned up as right now I rushed this in as the laptop was having issues – random reboots, lockups, app crashes, etc. So fresh feels good. Going lean-ish too not installing every app out there.

I hope to get in a little sleep this weekend, body has been hurting lately, just go go go, stress stress stress. Kidneys are having a rough time and limbs just don’t like pushing forward anymore. So for now, Goodnight. (I hope soon!)

PS:208 – The Hackintosh.

So why? I like to think different. 🙂

What did I get? Well for you few who may sneak in from time to time, here’s what I’m working with:

  • Thermaltake Core V1 Mini ITX Cube
  • Intel Boxed Core I5-6600K 3.50 GHz, 6 M Processor
  • Gigabyte LGA1151 Intel Z170 Mini-ITX DDR4 Motherboards GA-Z170N-Gaming 5
  • Ballistix Sport LT 32GB Kit (16GBx2) DDR4 2400 DIMM 288-Pin – (Red)
  • Zalman CPU Cooler
  • ADATA Premier SP550 240GB 2.5 Inch SATA III
  • TP-LINK N900 2.4GHz or 5GHz

I have an idea on getting the Apple parts which will help with getting things like continuity and handoff , but basically an i5 3.5ghz processor, with 32GB of ram, nice case, good cooling, solid Wifi, and an always blazing SSD? Yes please.

All the parts are noted as shipped, should be here later today (yes I’m still awake, so it’s only a few hours into Today! But all things said and done, hoping it’ll be solid, too room for a few hard drives or SSD’s in which if I want to triple boot (Windows, Linux, Mac) I can 😀 So pretty jazzed about this, going to then clear off my MacBook, do one huge “see if it helps” clean install, but it honestly may just be time to retire it.

So far in my late night working I’ve gotten 1 site optimized a bit, a caching server setup, 4 email concerns sorted, renewed 3 SSL certificates, and worked on a new email filtering service I may deploy fleet wide (which would solve so many issues, and stop spam!) but I’ve still got a quote to write, sleep to get in, and praying that Lilly feels better in the AM, currently on sinus meds (Tiny cold tabs!) and teething tabs as she’s starting at it again (she just wants these teeth DONE!).

Brief break while compiling is over, back to work!

Not everything is something.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a break and just wrote. Not part of the “Post Something” I do daily, and with this sad moment, I’m waiting right now for three emails, five server updates, and Lilly is playing with a birthday gift – I’m taking 5 minutes to write.

Hackintosh. While I could have just gone down to the Apple Store at the mall, I can’t get something custom, and with the MacBook Pro cropping up with errors. It was time to look, and an iMac would have been nice, but if I bought from the store I’m limited to stock configurations 🙁 Thus enter the Hackintosh.

The thing I love is ease of upgrade! Too I’m getting 2x the power of my Macbook Pro, and room for things like additional storage. 32GB of memory for a fraction of what Apple would charge me, and in the end because the original build I wanted going out of stock, I saved $120 in the end switching to a smaller build (ITX based).

Parts should be here tomorrow, I’ll likely post some to Instagram, maybe a post on it here, and a follow-up on maybe Tech Friendly Help (which if things calm down further, needs some TLC!).

Well my writing time is nearly done,