Farewell Spectrum VoIP – Hello Callcentric!

I recently started looking for ways to cut the cord.

I’ve been a member of the method of digital media vs. OTA or Cable for a while, however, the Mrs. is a big fan of cable – well I recently noticed even she is slowly drinking the kool-aid of all the digital outlets we have access to, and I shut down our Cable TV & while I was at it, our Phone Service.

Sure sure, the guy explained to me on the phone “But you’d lose the Caller ID on your TV!” – after the 30 or so minutes on the phone having him console me on this horrible loss which as I don’t watch cable TV, and we don’t get a TON of home calls, I pulled myself together, and said: “I’ll be ok.” LOL, Honestly there is a lot more to the world than just having Caller ID on my television screen.

So I did some research and the solutions out there range from Plug and Play with a hefty price tag or the option I went with which is DIY with pretty good savings. How good? $39.99 -> $8. Yeah, that says $8. Now granting you do need to buy some hardware, number porting was free, and it does take a little patience if you aren’t too tech savvy, but in the end I was able to set up my office number and home phone number on the same hardware and cost wise was still under $20 a month. That’s it.

I went with Callcentric as it had amazing reviews – some with folks upset about things like local dialing not working (which they have documentation for on their site to hardwire your local area code) and some general just frustration that it’s not a pre-configured deal, requires some legwork.

In the end if you are looking for something like this honestly I’d say go with Callcentric, because if you are like me, your home phone is a little old school – folks mainly call in, I rarely call out so cost wise I get 90 minutes of monthly outbound calling, but unlimited inbound calling – so when I get that call from the doctor, the Mrs. school, etc. it’s free – and if I need to call out, I’ve got my cell if its a complex call needing hours.

All in all, it works for me. If you are interested in knowing more I’ll happily write up a tutorial on getting set up, enabling local dialing, etc. including too the routing on the OBIHAI OBi202 which was great for me since it allows 2 separate lines but the lower 200 model which is a little cheaper works fine if you are simply replacing your single home line not an office + home line.

Post a comment if you are interested and I’ll write it all up (may do so anyway) but if you are interested posting will encourage me to do it sooner vs. later 🙂

PS:262 – Google Home?

So I’ve glanced at the Amazon Line-up for a nice virtual assistant, it’s not bad, but my big problem with Google & Amazon is they don’t play nice together. If I want to do Amazon on my TV? Amazon Device Required, or Xbox.

Google Chrome won’t display my Amazon content, so no go – but I’ll be honest since a BIGGER chunk of my goodies live on Google, the Home looks fancy. Now their mesh Wifi system already apparently works with my On Hub, so that’s a plus, but it’d be nice to get a new device which will listen to me and help me manage my house a bit – quite nice indeed.

I think it’s on a maybe list, possibly mid-2017. We shall see.

PS:188 – The Journey Home

Well the way back was easier than our first travel day – we tried a single uber, fail. So we then hit a counter for super shuttle and asked “Any travel for with a car seat going to the train station?” – very happily I heard the words from his mouth “We have car seats with our taxi’s!” so a quick fare later we were in old town, grabbed a quick snack, headed to the train with a little time to spare – then the ride home.

Overall wasn’t too shabby, Lilly had some minor melt downs but she’s nearly 2 so that’s fair right? And she’s been to 2 state capitals, so I mean as a season traveler – she’s good! 😀 Home a little before 10:30pm can’t complain, long day, need sleep.