PS:339 – The NAS Project – Prepping!

So here we are the day of delivery, and I’m set. Both active drives are rsync’d over to the 3rd 5TB drive, so that’s done. They are also actually backed up on Backblaze as well which is awesome!

I’ve removed the two drives already from their enclosures – wasn’t too hard, pocket knife worked perfectly, a phillips screwdriver to get the control board off and remove the side screws, 2 drives ready to go.

Now the plan is pretty simple honestly:

  1. Setup the two pulled drives as RAID1.
  2. Connect the 3rd Drive as USB External Storage
  3. Sync the contents of drive 3 to the RAID1 array
  4. Remove the USB Drive when finished.
  5. Remove drive from enclosure
  6. Add 3rd Drive upgrade from RAID1->RAID5.
  7. Take a nap.

Pretty straightforward all things said and done. I plan to video and document things a bit too for a piece on TechFriendly Help which is online and operational, I think I’ve finally settled on a mostly completed look, going to add some minor tweaks here and there – but this is going to be too one of my first video projects that is not a FlockHosting Update.

I want to document this model because the AS1004T hasn’t been reviewed in the US for some reason, the AS1002T has (the 2-bay unit) but the 4-bay unit I got isn’t really covered and honestly? If it lives up to its specs and functionality – it’s an amazing deal.

This NAS project should really make life a bit easier long-term, a lot of things coming up in the next few months, likely one way or another moving, tech is going to be one of those things which may be a bit hard to have access to sadly, so trying to up my game and really streamline the office.

For now, its nearly 4 am – and I’m dead tired, but can’t get to sleep again, so watching my Omega2+ update my cryptocurrency – going to try and sleep again if I can. Morning is going to come insanely early – hopefully my NAS will be delivered before nap time 🙂 and who knows maybe a small pile of checks will be waiting too!

Happy Monday – Enjoy the eclipse!

PS:323 – Big Oops.

Thankfully it was on my own server on one end, on the other it was new asset set which contains all my artwork and such for new projects, so pulled a backup which had a few files missing which thankfully I was able to re-work a bit, and get all back in place – but still not sure why things were wonky.

I was working just fine on the browser, but apps on Desktop/Mobile both were failing, reviewed logs, reviewed ad firewall, etc. however nothing was being blocked, logs simply showed a 503 (error logs were clean) even debug mode spat out only 1 thing, MySQL wasn’t talking.

So somewhere along the way VestaCP was hiccuping, even had some issues with its config having some instances of 2-3 times the same configuration, I’d clear it manually and then it’d rebuild to the 2-3 times again.

My bright idea was to re-install over the current setup but didn’t imagine it’d clear the admin user. Figured it’d say “Oh there is stuff here.” Nope. It didn’t. Wiped the folder, but in the end with the backup I was able to restore, adding back all of my configurations with Apache in place to handle some things and Nginx just reverse proxy’ing it. Works a lot smoother now, all clients are syncing, SSL is working from Let’s Encrypt – can’t complain.

One reason I was starting to fiddle with things was, I want to see if I can mount B2 as a storage instance. So basically get things off storage on-box, but then have B2 be mounted as my storage for the sync and then just keep updated there – something happens on the server, need to move things, just re-mount elsewhere, install my MySQL dump and life is good.

I need to get some rest, have a hurt shoulder, so rest isn’t too deep, even right now on a big dose of Advil, still hurts, just trying to stick to low-end work with it, yet today did my best to not use it, even bringing in a BIG box, walked it in (and by walk, I mean the box walked back and forth all the way into the house).

Now in “My dad would be proud of me” news, I not only over-did on my truck repair, BUT I fixed it too. I was trying to recharge my AC to take and get the truck running cooler, and to I have Dasiy’s on the docket too – I did mine and low and behold I overfilled. The compressor was working hard (you could hear it) was reading online about one guy who had similar issues and he said if the car was at 1500-2000RPM’s it’d run fine, boy was he right!

So his ultimate solution was to bleed off a bit, so I reviewed how to do so, and I did. Compressor leveled out, didn’t go off/on and the truck wasn’t humid anymore! So score! Cooler running truck, next to do Daisy’s car and all will be chilly with the world again.

Been a mixed week so far, really not feeling good, trying to take it easy, waiting for a big project or two, heck would love to hear back from a job option or two, but waiting, watching, praying, and still trying to get up enough energy and drive in 100F+ heat to have the desire to really do anything at all.

Off I go, going to try and sleep. Praying the pain stops for a bit.

PS:149 – No Love.

We live in a world of the web being “free” and as a provider of internet type services sadly folks look at my skill set as something that should be free.

I suppose I should have called this “Some” Love vs. No Love, because there are those who are happy with services, but then there are those who just take the wind out of my sails and just dig in because in sadly 99.9% of the time error in their haste.

For instance short of his name and domain let’s talk about a recent customer, he pays $18 a year for hosting and $11 a year for the domain. Total he pays me $29 a year. Cheap. He’s been a customer since 2008, so eight years of business and I’ve made $232. Total tickets ever made: 13.

Now the old saying is you get what you pay for, right? Well with me, I go above and beyond. I’ve remote logged into this customer’s computer, I’ve set up everything that was broke, and it just worked. Now as he’s been trying to set up his iPhone (using the wrong password likely a CaPS issue) he’s sent me this email:

I am blocked from the server again… This is awful…
How can i change hosting companies and email accounts? I dont have time for this, it is an awful end user experience that id be happy to pass along unless i get some real fixing here.Please call me [redacted]
This is absurd!

Or the most recent

I DON’T HAVE EMAIL ONCE AGAIN… CALL ME!  I either want to change hosting companies so i don’t consistently have email trouble, or I really need your fixing this…

Now I’ve offered help, I’ve re-configured a desktop, the reason the desktop stops is his iPhone’s SMTP settings are wrong. Sadly since there is no remote login option, I have no way to login and fix it. Apple Genius bar folks told him “Your host sucks” and his “Webguy” said the same, which I think is likely the problem is the new webguy is wanting to say “Move to my hosting.”

I’ve done this for over 15 years. These guys are not new but doesn’t mean it doesn’t make a kick in the gut with recent events. One of my larger clients is “re-thinking” what he is doing in the web space, to the point that he let me know “I’ve researched other server options.”. That is what I do for him. Instead, he wants to bring me on in other capacities, which are not my strong suit, nor strong desire to do.

Ever feel like the nest is just uncomfortable? Lately, just every area of my life is wrong. I have ideas to jump into things, but no real drive/energy to do so, and no real support to make it all happen. I keep starting the day off with “Chin up! You can do this!” however honestly? By day’s end, I am drained, feeling defeated and wanting to just throw up my hands and say “Done.” I then see this little girl who relies on me for much and know I must push forward.

I have to change things up in some regards. Cut the fat, make some changes. Something needs to change because I can’t survive with the feeling that every area of my life sucks.

PS:107 – Somedays you just journal quietly.

I’ve always been a big supporter of journaling. For me it helps organize my thoughts, put out EVERYTHING – no filter, no “should I blog this?” type questions. Me, God, Paper. That’s it.

This week is going to be busy, my 3D printer got delayed until next Monday, and already booked a lot of hours and lots of no sleep, and it’s only Monday. I need rest. Desperately.

So till tomorrow, thanks for reading. Anyone who still comes here.

PS:66 – OnHub

So a while back Google, who likes to have their hand in many areas, and I’m a big supporter of that decided that “OnHub” their dive into routers was a good idea.

Well, I got one on sale, and figured I’d give this learning “easy” wifi router a try – and so far? Mixed. My office has mixed results when it comes to wifi. Several walls, the modem, is on the other side of the house – not ideal. The previous fix was Airport Extreme -> Wifi Extender -> Line of Sight to the office. Not great. But workable.

So my latest attempt has been to try a powerline adapter sounds like a solid plan at least – and for the most part it seems to work. “Seems”

I’ve contacted Google about it previously, but results were insanely mixed, tech ran me through some options, really fast email responses, but since it wasn’t going too hot, I went back to the more workable option with the extender.

Well, today my powerline adapters came in, and results are promising. I have it in the office directly, and the powerline is showing anywhere from 9-15Mbps. Not great considering the line can get a lot more (100Mbps at one point if I remember correctly) but seems like maybe the provider is having issues because even tests elsewhere are topping out.

But performance has been solid, less buffering for sure – which is nice when trying to wind down with Lilly. Trying to get back on track with sleep, and even if she’s not tired we are in bed and laying down, so the occasional Hulu watching is required 🙂

All in all, I’m still on the fence. Hopefully, the provider irons out in the AM, and tomorrow work is smoother more and more as I will hopefully have a more stable connection.

Work is getting caught up, wish I could say the stress is going down, but today I accomplished a TON, and tomorrow, I hope I can accomplish a ton more and who knows – maybe this weekend get some drone time! (or a nap – I’m not picky!)