PS:325 – New Week.

Well, it’s a fresh week. New options ahead – going to look for a few more places to put my resume at this week, looking for remote work for now, but who knows maybe switch things up and see if I can find something different.

Had a good time with my dad yesterday, saw GOG2 and it was fun, dad enjoyed it too! Grabbed lunch and a few small errands he had on his to-do and since we were out, we knocked em down.

Didn’t get all I had hoped to get done this weekend done, but got some rest, of course, upside down now with rest as its nearly 6 am and I’m still awake.

Hoping this week picks up, a few projects in the wings which I hope can be sorted out and signed off on, one is a good chunk of hours, another is a so-so, and then we’ve got the age ol fun of chasing after bills to be paid by the usual slackers, one is really good he like me gets behind because he has a lot of projects, all it takes is a call and suddenly all payments come in, the other? An AP department that seems to sit on my checks, currently 2 checks behind, would be nice to have those funds.

Anywhoo – a lot on my mind, part of why I can’t seem to get to sleep – I’ve laid down, researched Crypto Currency investing, Linux workstation hardware, and watching Stargate Atlantis – so semi-productive. For now going to lay down for a bit more and see if I can’t get a few hours of sleep, not sure when the girls are coming home – but should be back to a full house again sometime today.

PS:287 – Missing Posts

So if you actually are reading this, then you may note that there has been about a 3-week gap. Good reason for that too – you’ll note in one of the last posts there is a picture of Lilly and it was entitled “Home” well I’ve got a new place, it has been a busy couple of weeks getting moved, getting settled, making sure I get work done to afford this place! You know small stuff.

I could go back and say “Hrmm.. what was I doing on the 30th?” but instead, I’m just moving forward, still will continue the Post Something idea, try to keep to daily writing, but we shall see if that actually sticks, no one really is reading this, and it is a bit more of a venting process at some level, but we shall see.

For now really working on trying to put together a schedule for writing, developing, etc. going to launch a site building service for customers starting at around $200 and up, wanting to get TFH up and running even if it’s just a blog for tech writing, leave this for personal only, and put all tech thoughts there – and maybe grow a brand. Too I’ve found a possible t-shirt company to work with, and if it goes well may make a store for designs and such, so some revenue stream options are there!

Still waiting (like a year later) for a side-gig to become a full-time gig and if that happened, would simplify a lot of things, but for now? Going to just keep moving forward, all I can do! Holiday’s are coming up and I’m dead tired – even this morning woke up at around 4am, and have been up since. Going to work on a few websites while Lilly’s sleeping and see if I can’t wrap up a few things project wise today!

PS:212 – New WordPress

Looks like the WordPress update dropped on time, seems to run just fine. Going to give it a few days before I push it on Customers in WordPress Management, just to be sure plugin and theme folks have time to update to use/fix/etc. features in this new release.

Aside from that, been a mixed day, kiddo isn’t feeling too good, some serious teething and growing going, it’s 100F outside and she’s curled up in blankets a giant ball of sweat! I have a lot on my mind today, seems like I have a HUGE pile of work, and its just spread out over 4 to-do lists, and is really needing to be dialed in and accomplished, even more, I’ve done a lot today alone, but seems like there is always 3 more piles of things to do!

For now getting my writing in early, as it may be another rough night of achy/pain 🙁 we have a date with Target after her nap to get Tylenol/Advil for her pain (and we are out of milk for Mac and Cheese which is soft, warm and delicious!) 🙂

PS:187 – The Capital!

We made it to the capital, had lunch there too (delicious grilled cheese!) Lilly even got a tour of the legislative building, a coin from the governors office, and stuffed animals galore. Super nice folks, really fun time, and then it was onto Virginia City – nice little town, had some Sarsaparilla, mosey’d around town – from there it was to Reno, grabbed a awesome pile of goodies from Circus Circus, then a buffet, Reno sign, and then made it back to Carson for Bedtime – busy, tired, work keeps trying to pull me in, trying hard to avoid what/where I can.