PS:333 – Life isn’t easy. But God is Good.

I’m tired. It’s 3 AM on a Saturday, and let’s just say the amount of stress and things to do this week reached a point in which I was laid out after a dentist visit.

Now nothing happened other than a quick check, then a referral to get a CT scan on a tooth to see what’s going on with my poor teeth – but I came home, tried to work, and just finally ended up laying down and sleeping.

My life has been nuts this year so far, changes in finances, changes in temp, changes in me. I’m tired. I hurt. I’m not always cheerful, but God is still God, and that’s a big thing of what keeps me going.

Right now this very moment? I would rather be sleeping, but instead a break from work, I wish I could push it off, I wish I could disconnect and take a vacation, but sadly? Not in the cards for me. Instead of working through the night to early morning to pay the bills, I’d love to go on a walk, a drive, something not in front of a computer.

I know I’m on the verge of burn out again, things like a random ex-customer leaving a 1-star review and a complaint about a lost live chat session knock me down a bit more than they should, but lately my victory list seems small, so I take the short list and thank God for where I can find the good.

A better balance is needed. Not sure how I can make the changes to make life run smoother, but right now – I’m leaning on God and going to get back to work so that I can go to sleep before I see the sun rising.


PS:212 – New WordPress

Looks like the WordPress update dropped on time, seems to run just fine. Going to give it a few days before I push it on Customers in WordPress Management, just to be sure plugin and theme folks have time to update to use/fix/etc. features in this new release.

Aside from that, been a mixed day, kiddo isn’t feeling too good, some serious teething and growing going, it’s 100F outside and she’s curled up in blankets a giant ball of sweat! I have a lot on my mind today, seems like I have a HUGE pile of work, and its just spread out over 4 to-do lists, and is really needing to be dialed in and accomplished, even more, I’ve done a lot today alone, but seems like there is always 3 more piles of things to do!

For now getting my writing in early, as it may be another rough night of achy/pain 🙁 we have a date with Target after her nap to get Tylenol/Advil for her pain (and we are out of milk for Mac and Cheese which is soft, warm and delicious!) 🙂