PS:333 – Life isn’t easy. But God is Good.

I’m tired. It’s 3 AM on a Saturday, and let’s just say the amount of stress and things to do this week reached a point in which I was laid out after a dentist visit.

Now nothing happened other than a quick check, then a referral to get a CT scan on a tooth to see what’s going on with my poor teeth – but I came home, tried to work, and just finally ended up laying down and sleeping.

My life has been nuts this year so far, changes in finances, changes in temp, changes in me. I’m tired. I hurt. I’m not always cheerful, but God is still God, and that’s a big thing of what keeps me going.

Right now this very moment? I would rather be sleeping, but instead a break from work, I wish I could push it off, I wish I could disconnect and take a vacation, but sadly? Not in the cards for me. Instead of working through the night to early morning to pay the bills, I’d love to go on a walk, a drive, something not in front of a computer.

I know I’m on the verge of burn out again, things like a random ex-customer leaving a 1-star review and a complaint about a lost live chat session knock me down a bit more than they should, but lately my victory list seems small, so I take the short list and thank God for where I can find the good.

A better balance is needed. Not sure how I can make the changes to make life run smoother, but right now – I’m leaning on God and going to get back to work so that I can go to sleep before I see the sun rising.


PS:178 – Might be a sleep day.

I’ve been going going going, here it is like I said yesterday (some 5 hours ago) it was going to be a late night and here I am. Still awake. I’ve managed to keep Lilly sleeping, had to shut down my big monitor and go only laptop, she’s hurting (growing pains/teething/allergies) and I’ve got her settled, but it’s been a rough couple of days, she had a REALLY bad night at the lake, woke up could not get comfortable – finally had to take her upstairs and hold her at an incline in a recliner to get her calm and sleeping.

Same goes for me, I’ve been going going going for over a week, second day in a row that it looks like I’m going to see Sunrise again. I may sneak out and get a few laps in to cool down and get a little deeper sleep – but likely I’ll just crash out, maybe a shower? I dunno. Long week, more long weeks ahead, I’ve committed to some BIG projects 60 hours on a coding, around 2 weeks on a MASSIVE migration, and already the Up band has told me my sleep sucks.

I need to get some real rest under my belt, maybe today I’ll make it a rest day? Might be a good plan, because I think people are more and more worried I’m going to die, becuase for the 2nd time in recent weeks someone has asked “If you die…” type questions relating to my business. I mean come on, I got a haircut, I look good! 😉

Sleep is needed, need to wrap up, need to get a lot done tomorrow during the day and hopefully that’ll lead to a good night’s rest. Have a good day all!

PS:137 – 20+ Servers

So as I posted earlier in #135, the data center I’ve been using for a few years has had issues. It’s located in Atlanta and with summer month’s coming I’m weary about power. To that end, I’ve got 2 bits of hardware ordered which will replace not one but two VPS servers into one HUGE server.

I originally considered just making it out and building two again, but then after looking at things, 2 was the better option, as the accounts on this server are not heavy hitters, more light-weight email servers, and a few minor shared hosting servers.

So with that said there are over 20 servers which need to be migrated to new hardware and in a new data center. Now there are a few tools which are supposed to help make this easy, and to some degree, sure thing – easy, but then you must bear in mind DNS, IP Switches, TB’s of data to move, not GB or MB, but TB. The never ending worry of customer IP caching sucks too.

I hoped this would be ready for Friday, but let’s be honest, I’m going to set it for next weekend, sleep and rest up this weekend and ensure the hardware is golden, make some test runs and have a solid plan on this process ready to go for a mid-week reminder to clients.

Thankfully one such move is super easy, the migration of cPanel boxes, fairly simple – of course some folks who do external DNS always a hangup lately. All in all, I hope it will go super smoothly, tonight my test is creating a dummy VPS and moving it to another. Fingers crossed.

Another thing been working on RBL’s and getting them cleared, upgraded my subscription to a service to do checks nightly for all servers against URI and IP based lists – tells me with my pre-purchased credits over 700 days of checks, that’s almost two years of service with the current server list! Woot! So things are in motion, a lot going on, hate spending money, but better to spend it, fix it all and have a business, then things going south quickly and creating a loss of money at all!

For now going to get a few more things done here, and then hopefully crash out long enough before my 11 AM call.

PS:95 – 1 Comment!

Got a comment on one of my YouTube videos! A first for sure! If I can get my other video edited (need to move my footage to my laptop) and then I’ll post another flight, but need to charge the batteries and find a new location to film a good angle of Bakersfield’s sunrise (that’s my hope!) but maybe too a sunset again!

PS:64 – The Week of Stress 3.0

For three weeks now I’ve lived in nearly constant stress. Occasionally sleeping. I know that’s not good what-so-ever. Trust me I’ve had a lecture or two over the years when I do this.

So what is different about this week? I am getting closer to being caught up! Granted this week will likely put more on me to do, some LLC business to tend to, some tax stuff to deal with, and a slew of websites to wrap up. I want all sites done and launched by the end of business Today, no more delays!

If you think about it, say a little prayer, think a happy thought, donate spare time in your week to take a nap for me, and comment and let me know how it went! I’d love to hear resting happened!

(ps. going to sleep now – this was not pre-recorded in front of a live studio audience)