PS:108 – Lilly Grace

So today has been a busy day with a busy kid! Today she has been go-go-go since 6:30 am, okay, probably honestly 6:15, but I held on to sleep thinking “Just five more minutes!” but it has been a busy day thus far!

Lately seems like no end in sight, and Lilly at least makes me laugh a lot! She is awesome when I’m on calls for the other server company I do work for, she plays and has fun pretty much on her own if needed, other times sitting here on my lap helping me write emails and support tickets! 😀

I’m blessed to have her as my daughter! She’s crashed out, so I’m going to burn through some work, we went to the UPS Store to get mail however upon parking and going to get her she looked exhausted! Brought her in asleep and she is still asleep! Back to the grind of work for me!

Being a dad.

402 days ago I didn’t have any idea what I was doing. What’s changed since then? I get even less sleep.

When Lilly was born life wasn’t the best, business was failing, life was stressful. Never did I imagine that afternoon going into the hospital, I would end up, meeting Lilly Grace.

As a kid I’ve always imagined being a dad. My dad was pretty awesome, supportive, loving, and always an open ear (even to this day!) and I hoped I could share that with my own kids.

You know what they say, it’s nothing like you plan. NICU for a week, constipation, gas, urgent care visit. I don’t think I ever considered that is what my parents went through. If it was even half of what I’ve gone through, they need more hugs, as do I.

Lilly is a daddy’s girl through and through, I’m sure she’ll go through her mommy’s girl phase in time. For now though we hang out and play through the day, and every night I sing, talk, and pray with her as we get ready for bed.

I didn’t plan for anything I’ve gone through, not a thing. But when I babble with her, or share a drink, sandwich, Jamba Juice, you name it. Planning doesn’t matter. It’s that moment. That single moment in time. And it’s awesome.

She’s sleeping right now and I’m trying to do an ounce of work and write a bit, but when they say life changes with kids? They aren’t lying.

Today’s picture is Lilly @ 1 day old, precious little feet 🙂 <3