PS:94 – Insomnia

My sleep has been so inconsistent lately. One night I can crash out, the next I see the sun coming up.

Now part of that I do blame Lilly for, one night I was nearly asleep, but then my beautiful little girl’s teeth started hurting, and while I was able to get her to sleep – me? Not so much.

Hoping this current round of painful teething ends soon.

In other news, migration on Friday hardware came in, wrapping it up tonight and tomorrow. Praying next migrated account goes better than the last batch!

PS:41 – Migration Weekend.. Bleh.

Another weekend of work. I know it’s my birthday weekend, but sadly work waits for no man, I just want to get things stable for a batch of a customer’s customers.

So far it’s gone somewhat smoothly, few hiccups as always. Now to attack them. Hopefully, I can find a work-free Birthday, but I somehow doubt it – time will tell!