PS:191 – Day of Stress

I’m taking a break in about 4 minutes to take a power nap. I’m exhausted. I’m fried. I’m hurting. Body can’t take many more weeks like this – need to amp it down a notch or three after this week for a while, let my body catch-up on sleep some, get out if the temperature drops and maybe fly the drone? See a movie? Take a nap? Not sure. Been a busy couple of months.

New servers deployed, loving em, already moving a TON of data, backed up first, pulling a live image now – have to figure out how to re-sync it after wards, as I can’t do a refresh on a live system, server won’t do it. Praying this works because honestly? If it doesn’t going to make the emergency migration tomorrow evening even more difficult. Nap time. Back in 45.