PS:355 – Office Packup

So tonight I’m going to start packing up my office down to the essentials – basically down to computers and 1 pencil, 1 pen. That’s it!

25 days and counting till we have to be fully moved out and cleaned out, etc. so going to get this side of things cleared up as much as I can tonight before crashing out to do another mad-dash weekend at the old house getting things finalized, painted, etc. still some things to do, want it to be perfect to get things moved into.

Plus we have storage being built which is handy vs. a monthly fee, so that’ll help too! But hoping this weekend proves to be very productive and having a mini-yard sale over Saturday/Sunday trying to get rid of a few things, but all in all should prove to be a productive weekend.

With the office slowly winding down – still have to map out the new space which is a little bit smaller, not sure if my desk as-is will be the final or if that’ll be a secondary desk and the fold-up will be second, but be nice to have my standing desk again!

So lots to do,  busy day, going to try and get a few extra hours in if possible work-wise, but ultimately tonight aside from packing up a bit, sleep is on the docket, as last weekend with migration I went basically from Migration to Lowes, a VERY long day.

PS:350 – The week that didn’t stop!

Oi! This was one of those weeks that while I’m excited about extra hours for consulting, I’d just as soon be done and sleeping!

I have 3 more tasks on the docket this evening, finishing a quote, a server, a piece of software.

Honestly? At the rate I’m going I think I’ll get 2 out of 3 unless I get a large boost in what I’ve got coded already. It’s glitchy, to begin with since I’m working with a really hard to work with the codebase. For instance, I’m having to embed javascript into javascript, to produce something that would have been easier and made the site function better if they simply avoided javascript in the first place.

I’m all for progressive coding ideas to give a real-time experience, no refreshing, however, honestly? for what this site does it should have been flat PHP generating HTML no buzz, no fluff, just HTML.

Now, this week will eventually end, but hopefully, I can get some rest before a busy week ahead.

PS:280 – Day of Rest

Got a good chunk of sleep today, sadly I feel like I could use some more, but this week will start with a busy schedule – starts in around 6 hours give or take, granting I can get back to sleep after all the sleep, I’m sure the extra rest will help greatly.

This week I’ve got a meeting in person, a few I think on the phone (if I recall correctly) and a slew of server work which at this point is getting smoother and smoother as I go along and come Friday, some big changes start to roll into motion, which leading into a weekend will be a bit exhausting I’m sure.

For now, laying down and resting. Praying it works so I can get some sleep before an early AM wake up.

Good Foundations

Sometimes I truly lose sight of how blessed I truly am! How is it that a little rock of the boat can suddenly make me lose sight of what I’ve been blessed with? Sadly it’s possible, and happens now and again, waves keep crashing and my faith is chipped away at, but today God’s shown Me that I am blessed very clearly.

A while back my debit card which is attached to my business funds was stolen somehow and used to go on a shopping spree, and thru it all I was blessed, things went smoothly and money was given back – well recent the card was up to its old tricks! When I get a new card they reset security settings so when a big server bill attempts to go through it stops it. So this month I’m on my second round of hiccups! So what does the server company have to say about my lack of payment due to card issues?

Hi Chuck,

No worries, you’ve been a great client with us for such a long time! If they need me to do anything on my end, just let me know.

Foundations. I sometimes forget the things God has built up and put into place to give me graces and mercies where many would of never given them. The company honestly doesn’t owe me a grace, yet they have given them as my relationship with their company spans back to honestly their start and has continued for years, and I have a fair relationship with management and much of the support staff.

I have a strong foundation of friendships and family too – many who’ve been supportive from support in prayer, an open ear, help out of moving from the apartment, giving me a place to live for a while as I figure out a wedding date 🙂 and so much more, I am truly blessed as how many out there don’t always have these sorts of help.

Things have been a little rough this past month in the transition of living places, getting used to schedules, having an alarm cat which alerts the world if I’m 30 seconds or more past my curfew 🙂 but it’s all leveling out, and I’m slowly but surely getting back up to steam!

Continued prayers are appreciated for sure! That foundations built will hold, that things will balance out and that things will just continue to get better and better! Have a few resumes floating around for some additional work, so prayers for that + growth for FH & TN would be GREAT! If you need help with a web project do let me know! For now, have a great day all!

RB3 @ Andrew's Baby Shower!
RB3 @ Andrew’s Baby Shower!

Hello… My name is Inigo Montoya

Or so I probably would’ve told you yesterday! (Don’t worry, You didn’t kill my father , so prepare to live!) It has been a busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy week! I’ve been cleaning, packing, sorting, throwing away and trying to get things all ready to go – but forgetting things small things like rest, rest, and well rest. I even forgot to eat the other day – so a tad focused on things, which has helped create some pretty rough exhaustion!

But last night got some quality sleep! So good I overslept and missed morning prayer & devotional with Daisy! (DOH!) Don’t worry though I’ve done my morning bible time & prayed for her, but we’ll be doing devotional & prayer a little bit later today 🙂

Today though is a busy one, the kitchen will be… No matter what…. 100% done today, and the bathroom and Office. Still will have big furniture in all awaiting the move to in most cases Mom and Dad’s with me, but some items may make the move to Daisy’s to live there for the mean time – but should be able to make the Saturday key-turn-in!

Really been a deep cleaning process – not just a wipe down and throw in a box, but rather “Do I need this?” followed by “Can I sell this?” and in some cases the answer to both is no! So a LOT of tossing, I’ve gone through a lot of stuff and just got rid of many things!

So things are moving forward, prayers are appreciated for my energy level! Work to keep up with too – thankfully customers are AMAZING and being very patient and relaxed, but come Monday, that will change and have me kicking right back into work full time again during the day! (Okay okay maybe a BIG nap day Monday!) 😀 but things will balance out and come together for sure! Thanks for reading!

prepare to die.

A fond farewell!

My apartment was a big journey for Me. It was moving from the home I grew up in which I lived in as a child, grew into as an adult and lived in on my own, to gain back a room mate of a sister, then further still have my parents move back in, to transition to a place of my own with two bedrooms, a bath, and a mellow little patio area.

Mr. Chuck’s place, The Rootbeer Recovery Center, Cousin Hangout, Bible Study Group, and many other things has this place been called, but for me it’s been home for a little over 5 years, what a journey of annoying neighbors, fighting, police going door to door, fireworks setting off car alarms, but too friendships and good neighbors – and use of the apartment to have bible study’s, youth kids crash for a movie, and let’s not forget the latest addition, a ginger cat named Tim who made this place his home (more like his castle!)

I’ve been breaking down the living room, going to box up movies and games, I have a broken PS3 I plan to sell for parts on eBay, but the goal is to have the living room cleared out entirely by Saturday to allow me to stage other rooms to empty out and be done with, but making piles of keep which will move with me to the parents place (my place of residence until getting married – ah I miss my room mates there), piles for Yard Sale, and too a BIG bunch of clothes going for Goodwill.

So a lot going on! We are working on the details of the wedding, and doing our best to plan between things like work and school — oh responsibility! 😀 but we are doing good, getting things ready! Now we just have to find a date that works, and fits where God wants us to be! God is good though, this apartment has been home, but as I prepare to build a home with Daisy, a few months of saving and not having bill of two houses, I can save a bit towards our wedding and fixing up our home! Moving Forward with God! Good Stuff for sure!

DVD's packed and ready to go!
DVD’s packed and ready to go!