PS:192 – Insane Days

I have deadlines of this week, and nothing seems to be going right. Currently compiling apache, have code in another window, building out a site in which I’ve now been told “Work with _____” and while this person is a good guy – not sure why it has to be even further complicated – failing server is still not fully moved, data is moving like molasses. Servers I figured I’d move on Monday are going to be moved Friday->Sunday.

Top it off found out that I apparently “owe” a company money, for work they had someone else do. They pulled a project and refused to pay me, then had another company do the work I nearly had fixed, and apparently now have a balance do that some recent adjustments I made simply have been “applied” to my bill. None of which was ever run by me, but appears my previous contact is no longer with the company.

Lots to do. Lots to accomplish. Next 3 days is going to be a sprint to the finish!

PS:22 – Back on Track


After any outage it seems like a few things happen:

  • Customers Update Information on File.
  • Unpaid Invoices get paid.
  • Customer Problems found increase
  • Can you do _______ for me? Requests increase

It has been a crazy day. Not what I originally planned for this day, but as it stands got a good chunk done of things that are needing to be done, and I even took out the trash!

Hopefully, over the next week things will level out even more! Looking forward to hopefully next week things calming down and maybe a weekend that includes rest.