PS:323 – Big Oops.

Thankfully it was on my own server on one end, on the other it was new asset set which contains all my artwork and such for new projects, so pulled a backup which had a few files missing which thankfully I was able to re-work a bit, and get all back in place – but still not sure why things were wonky.

I was working just fine on the browser, but apps on Desktop/Mobile both were failing, reviewed logs, reviewed ad firewall, etc. however nothing was being blocked, logs simply showed a 503 (error logs were clean) even debug mode spat out only 1 thing, MySQL wasn’t talking.

So somewhere along the way VestaCP was hiccuping, even had some issues with its config having some instances of 2-3 times the same configuration, I’d clear it manually and then it’d rebuild to the 2-3 times again.

My bright idea was to re-install over the current setup but didn’t imagine it’d clear the admin user. Figured it’d say “Oh there is stuff here.” Nope. It didn’t. Wiped the folder, but in the end with the backup I was able to restore, adding back all of my configurations with Apache in place to handle some things and Nginx just reverse proxy’ing it. Works a lot smoother now, all clients are syncing, SSL is working from Let’s Encrypt – can’t complain.

One reason I was starting to fiddle with things was, I want to see if I can mount B2 as a storage instance. So basically get things off storage on-box, but then have B2 be mounted as my storage for the sync and then just keep updated there – something happens on the server, need to move things, just re-mount elsewhere, install my MySQL dump and life is good.

I need to get some rest, have a hurt shoulder, so rest isn’t too deep, even right now on a big dose of Advil, still hurts, just trying to stick to low-end work with it, yet today did my best to not use it, even bringing in a BIG box, walked it in (and by walk, I mean the box walked back and forth all the way into the house).

Now in “My dad would be proud of me” news, I not only over-did on my truck repair, BUT I fixed it too. I was trying to recharge my AC to take and get the truck running cooler, and to I have Dasiy’s on the docket too – I did mine and low and behold I overfilled. The compressor was working hard (you could hear it) was reading online about one guy who had similar issues and he said if the car was at 1500-2000RPM’s it’d run fine, boy was he right!

So his ultimate solution was to bleed off a bit, so I reviewed how to do so, and I did. Compressor leveled out, didn’t go off/on and the truck wasn’t humid anymore! So score! Cooler running truck, next to do Daisy’s car and all will be chilly with the world again.

Been a mixed week so far, really not feeling good, trying to take it easy, waiting for a big project or two, heck would love to hear back from a job option or two, but waiting, watching, praying, and still trying to get up enough energy and drive in 100F+ heat to have the desire to really do anything at all.

Off I go, going to try and sleep. Praying the pain stops for a bit.

PS:95 – 1 Comment!

Got a comment on one of my YouTube videos! A first for sure! If I can get my other video edited (need to move my footage to my laptop) and then I’ll post another flight, but need to charge the batteries and find a new location to film a good angle of Bakersfield’s sunrise (that’s my hope!) but maybe too a sunset again!