PS:223 – Hackintosh is Stable-ish!

I’m still trying to sort out what’s causing the issues, but I think that the big problem? Wireless driver isn’t perfect. While the signal says “Er Yeah, we’ve got a signal!” it may just have been interference & distance. So now (for lack of a better solution) facing the antenna’s from my wireless card are now facing sideways lol. So far? Zero network issues (well aside from the fact this thing sleeps on me.

This has made it a LOT easier to work, something about Mac’s that are so memory hungry that 32GB of ram is fantastic to throw at things like iMovie for FlockUpdates and too Virtualizing Windows 8.1, Ubuntu at the same time! Still want to bring over my old Windows XP and Windows 7 virtuals too, may do a few Mac versions (not sure) but been doing some support lately for various Operating systems so having a few on hand has been awesome.

Overall while this is great? I’m exhausted. Week after week of non-stop, really taking a toll. Even weekends aren’t restful. I can’t escape or change the stresses, they are just there. For now I finish up the server tasks ahead of me, as I’m at 80% compiled now, going to go stage the next 2 things that will follow this one. I need rest.

PS:69 – Done.

Honestly, I’m just done. Cooked. Baked. Deep Fried. I’m done. I need a break. No stress. No fights uphill. No tough talk. Something for once to be easy after a month of hell, and yet what comes this week? Some LLC docs to be filed with the state, and start and finish taxes before the 18th (I think it’s an 18th year not 15th).

I have a pile of things to do still, just amazing how I took one ticket queue down from 25 -> 10 (it was at six at one point, but more added). I have done a lot this weekend, and more is coming it is like no matter how I slice it I can’t find a break. Wanted a nap today, but got 3 hours of sleep, and have been up since. Hoping to get these muscle spasms and tightness loosened up soon and get some sleep.

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter. I am going to recognize it as a day of rest I think.

PS:16 – Outage.

This has been a wild ride. It has been a while since I’ve had a massive outage. Let’s just say with next to nothing sleep. I’ve had a few meltdowns. Life has not been what I would call “Easy” lately. It never really is – but this has been even harder lately.

Right now I am still sitting on some down servers, trying to get a realistic time frame of wait or deploy – already have the hardware. The software is installing, hoping though before I’m done, it’ll be all backup and online!

More tomorrow I hope. Just fried and this is as much as a sleep deprived brain can do!