PS:309 – Coding Morning?

Sadly yesterday… Didn’t go quite as planned. I’m still up, yes it’s 4 am, am I tired? Maybe. Too soon to tell (please note attempt at humor… of course I’m tired!)

A lot of things sorting out this early AM, sadly this week has not been gentle. It has not gone smoothly. It’s quite frankly… Very rough.

Coding project is about 30% done, had to re-tool the image gathering routine to cut time, shaved off nearly 1.2 seconds per image, and reduced the CPU time in half, granted this doesn’t do the image manipulation part of things, thankfully, it doesn’t have to because this app is generating a set of assets the primary app can import should something go horribly wrong.

My hope is we’ll never “NEED” to use this app (I know I’m writing it, and it has a purpose) the purpose is one of those to have it and not need it, then to not have it and need it.

I figure at this rate maybe 4 hours of sleep if I went to bed now, however the “quick” migration to a 3rd party host for a designed site, snag, after snag, on my 3rd attempt to upload… progress, yet still not complete.

Server tuning of the 2 of the three planned new servers is underway, I’m holding off on the WordPress one until I have a package, and a link to buy it, no need to spin something up if I’m not ready to use it, save some CPU!

Did some minor shuffling of papers today, going to try and have all numbers calculated this weekend and ready to go for next week – I think I’m going to be fine, but need to find myself a business finances advisor to really clean it up, get it to someone to help manage, and if I can wing it maybe increase some of the money that comes in 🙂

Anywhoo, I have [========% ] left on the FTP progress bar, so close, yet this server is slow as slow can be in transfer speed, going to try and crash out soon I hope and pick up again in the morning, other projects to wrap up tomorrow too, deadlines and more deadlines.

PS:185 – Still not done.

Took longer. Here we are at 4am, I’m rolling as much work in as I can while I finish up the final bits. So far I’ve helped 2 other server customers with issues, resolved a BIG issue one one customer’s client’s server, twas crazy glitch, someone who setup the server (wasn’t me) did NOT know what they were doing, but all things said and done, it’s ready for a reboot tomorrow.

I wish I could be in bed sleeping, but for now, I have only about 12 more sites to review – have a MASSIVE image optimization going on at this moment, JPEG took about 30 minutes, still doing some wild stuff with PNG files, but much quicker this way vs. 3rd party WordPress plugin, did it in dev, pushing it to live, going to have it be a twice daily cron on any files newer than yesterday, so should keep it running lean from here on out, customer uploads anything within 12 hours it will get compressed and tuned up.

Back to it. Minor break to breathe and write is now done.

PS:178 – Might be a sleep day.

I’ve been going going going, here it is like I said yesterday (some 5 hours ago) it was going to be a late night and here I am. Still awake. I’ve managed to keep Lilly sleeping, had to shut down my big monitor and go only laptop, she’s hurting (growing pains/teething/allergies) and I’ve got her settled, but it’s been a rough couple of days, she had a REALLY bad night at the lake, woke up could not get comfortable – finally had to take her upstairs and hold her at an incline in a recliner to get her calm and sleeping.

Same goes for me, I’ve been going going going for over a week, second day in a row that it looks like I’m going to see Sunrise again. I may sneak out and get a few laps in to cool down and get a little deeper sleep – but likely I’ll just crash out, maybe a shower? I dunno. Long week, more long weeks ahead, I’ve committed to some BIG projects 60 hours on a coding, around 2 weeks on a MASSIVE migration, and already the Up band has told me my sleep sucks.

I need to get some real rest under my belt, maybe today I’ll make it a rest day? Might be a good plan, because I think people are more and more worried I’m going to die, becuase for the 2nd time in recent weeks someone has asked “If you die…” type questions relating to my business. I mean come on, I got a haircut, I look good! 😉

Sleep is needed, need to wrap up, need to get a lot done tomorrow during the day and hopefully that’ll lead to a good night’s rest. Have a good day all!

PS:141 Monday.

Monday’s are never easy. Fresh schedule this week as it is summer break and thus means the Mrs. has her few months break from teaching the future minds of Merica. So a new mix up of time, may not be the final schedule for summer, but it’s a start.

Writing is short lately, tired. Been pondering some video recording for FH, and starting off walking vs. running fro TFH, really just grow it with some Q&A and get it rolling, sounds workable. Right?

PS:101 – The Fun Part of Work

Every once and a while I get feedback from a customer or two on something that’s going on, it’s nice to see folks are reading, watching. Now today the fun one happened! A customer asked for something to read!

This is 14 years of FlockHosting alone, and this is where the request came from – a customer asked me for a State of the Server Address. 🙂 Something I’ve done once or twice but juts a run down of where we are server wise, and it’s exciting to see folks pay attention and desire to see what we are working with!

I have a lot to do this week. Flockhosting has a few launches I need to get rolling with, site changes are a big one, retiring two packages for one, and fine tuning the site as-is because folks have put in feedback over time and it’s time I freshen things up!

With that, I’m wrapping up and heading to bed (I hope) this week has not been full of rest (rarely are), but I’m trying to be better about my body because it’s not feeling great lately.