PS:359 – Back Online

So… the issue? AppleALC sound driver I installed was either A) Corrupt or B) No longer needed, it was choking at boot time. So mounting the drive on my laptop, went into the Extension folder, removed AppleALC.kext and tada: Online.

Sound is working too – which after a recent update that wasn’t working either, so nice to be back online and operational with my beast, the old Mac Book Pro is showing its age, coming back from sleep/bootup is taking longer and longer, battery is lasting less and less, may be time for retirement.

Seriously thinking of building out a solid Linux rig and bidding farewell to Mac, not really anything Mac-specific I need, iMovie is nice, but I’ve been thinking of finding a good video editor for my monthly Flock Updates, and any other video work I want to put online, but even then, most deep edits I can do on the iPad.

Anywhoo, one less thing on my todo – hoping the rest of this evening/morning goes similarly to this win, I need more wins.