So, I have been craving carrots lately. I may be turning orange.

Aside from that, a busy week! Seems like I’d slow down only to go go go again. Even today, it was one of those days where it started off slow, then just never stopped. From it? Got some hours in for consulting gig + 3 possible projects in the coming weeks! So hopefully things pan out.

2018 may bring a full-time gig in addition to my business, and I think I’m good with that, just as long as it actually pans out, and is very solid.

Even if it isn’t there is a possible option for a new server customer too I may be getting, which would be cool, server customers slowed down this year – but hoping to really bump things up in 2018.

For now, a busy week has started winding down, take some meds and head to chill out in bed!

PS:355 – Office Packup

So tonight I’m going to start packing up my office down to the essentials – basically down to computers and 1 pencil, 1 pen. That’s it!

25 days and counting till we have to be fully moved out and cleaned out, etc. so going to get this side of things cleared up as much as I can tonight before crashing out to do another mad-dash weekend at the old house getting things finalized, painted, etc. still some things to do, want it to be perfect to get things moved into.

Plus we have storage being built which is handy vs. a monthly fee, so that’ll help too! But hoping this weekend proves to be very productive and having a mini-yard sale over Saturday/Sunday trying to get rid of a few things, but all in all should prove to be a productive weekend.

With the office slowly winding down – still have to map out the new space which is a little bit smaller, not sure if my desk as-is will be the final or if that’ll be a secondary desk and the fold-up will be second, but be nice to have my standing desk again!

So lots to do,  busy day, going to try and get a few extra hours in if possible work-wise, but ultimately tonight aside from packing up a bit, sleep is on the docket, as last weekend with migration I went basically from Migration to Lowes, a VERY long day.

PS:255 – Tir… Oh who am I kidding.

I think 90% of my posts as of late could be quite simply “Tired” because let’s face it, I am.

I love Lilly a lot, but her sleep schedule has been less than ideal, today though, today we may be back on track! She even put HERSELF in bed, danced under the blanket for a little bit, then crashed out completely.

So I’m getting in some work done shortly, I’m trying to focus up by writing as it does help, I could take a nap with her, but hoping we’ll see a good follow-up tonight of sleep for me and her as I have a 11AM meeting with a datacenter, working out an entirely new plan for server growth, something that long-term will give some room for growth, and higher availability to boot! Tomorrow we talk fine-tuning the solution, my big thing is storage. SSD = Super Fast however SATA = LARGE Storage. So we’ll see.

Back to it.