Sick to save a buck!

So not feeling too great today, did manage to still make a call I had, which something about being in tech mode another part of my brain takes over and just goes without delay – wish it worked that way everyday lol. But seems the Jr. Burger Lilly didn’t eat last night was what threw me over the edge – but I saved that money. 😀

Woke up around 630 feeling horrible, didn’t leave the bathroom until maybe 8 am, then passed out for an hour or two, was not a fun morning, but hoping things improve!

Today really focusing a bit on my own projects. Work lately has been slow, mainly because when you take nearly 2 months off to move – folks can’t find you and find other options, so hoping I can really dial things back in, get my own projects rolling to improve finances, but tomorrow once I feel better and can talk “job”, I hope to nail down some job options.

I love working in my own business, but I have applied a few places here and there trying to nail down some steady work, like a 9-to-5, but if I can get my own projects rolling, invest real time into them, might be able to get things rolling without it.

For now, back to resting.

PS:336 – Relaxing by Coding.

So one of my side little projects of late has been the coding of tools to better keep me up-to-date on my coins – my previous post (334) I mentioned the small coding project and I think I may write a small page for it and update the code as I have updates, currently on version .04:


Coins.php (v.04)

A simple API call to get the value of a coin in the user's desired currency, great for using in Google Sheets (Use: =IMPORTDATA("yoururl") or if you simply want to grab
the current value of a certain coin. Currently geared towards USD, but hope in next version to add proper currency markings for the amount conversion.

## Changelog

.01 -   First Release
.02 -   Adjustments to code & calling methods.
        Changed from XML output to plaintext for use of IMPORTDATA vs IMPORTXML
.03 -   Removed dual posting of plaintext price for import & added amount conversion.
        Commented code.
.04 -   Added Conversion for ATM without Value Text for Onion pull - Also adding $ for easier formatting on Onion curl call.

//Get Data
$url = file_get_contents("".$_REQUEST['coin']."&tsyms=".$_REQUEST['curr']."");
$json = json_decode($url,true);
//Check for Amount to Convert
if ($_REQUEST['atm'] != '') {
$value = $_REQUEST['atm'] * $json[$_REQUEST['curr']];
$tvalue = round($value,2);
echo "$".$tvalue;
} else {
//no amount? provide plaintext response for dollar amount.
print $json[$_REQUEST['curr']];

Well, it’s quite handy, feel free to use it if you need to, but basically, it’s allowed me to use my Ometa2+’s OLED screen to every 5 minutes update the current value of coins! Here’s a peek:

Enjoying it a lot, really neat to look over and not have to re-open my Google Docs, just a glance and the screen presents all the goodies.

Maybe I’ll write it all up and send it over to the Onion forums, it is simple, purely informational, but thinking about maybe converting a bitcoin icon -> LCD file and place it on the right side? Long-term if the value is huge (they say it will be) then it will overlap, but for now, a bash script, php script, and a cron job give me some info at a glance.

PS:288 – Saturday = Busyday

Like any other today is a work day for a chunk of the day, well part of that chunk is still in the air, but I’m still doing prep work to get it ready at the moment, was thinking about taking the kiddo to CALM, weather has been great and will get less great as time goes forward, but so far she’s asleep, though I may change that soon, need to get her sleep on track again if possible, and nights at 4am.. oi.

Back to work, one sync has finished! Have a great Saturday.

PS:199 – The End.

For two years I’ve had a business relationship with a server company, and after multi-day outages, power outages, etc. the ride has ended.

Migrations are done. I’m wrapping up to go to bed as I have a meeting in the AM, Lilly, however, is wide awake, watching Zootopia on my lap. Good times. 🙂

For now my research is nearly done, I’ve cut over more DNS in the last 24 hours than I have in awhile, but so far running smoother and smoother as some customers had some hiccups with Email, but from everything I see (granting this last check wraps up before I pass out) all is well.


PS:196 – Only 11 remain…

So finishing this coding project, oi. I want a nap. This go-go-go may afford me to upsize my meal and get a large Powerade instead of medium, but this week needs some relax in it. Thus I’ve compiled the:

Things I would like to do this week so I can relax and rest and hopefully feel a lot better than I do right now list.

Clever list name I know. So the things I’d like to do:

  • Go get a massage.
  • Take at least 2 unplanned naps.
  • Get the 3D Printer fixed (it’s shifting about 3-4 inches up and ruining prints)
  • Fly the Drone
  • Setup a time-lapse somewhere cool!

I know I likely won’t get to complete all of these, but I hope to! I want to do the drone somewhere cool, same with the time-lapse I want it to be somewhere beautiful as I finally figured out settings!

Sadly there is a second list, it’s titled:

While I would love a break sadly the real world tells me I must get these things done list.

  • Move magazine website (it didn’t move this weekend, it’ll move Monday Night)
  • Shutdown 2 VPS servers Tuesday
  • Work on FlockHosting
  • Clean the Room
  • Clean the Truck
  • Do Laundry
  • Exercise

So we shall see what this week holds – tired. Achy. Off I go!


PS:39 – Raspberry Pi 2

Well got an early birthday present of a Raspberry Pi 2. I’ve looked at some projects including a NAS for projects. Currently, I’ve got it set up as a LAMP setup to do some web dev.

I have been looking at though making a smart mirror! There are some projects using the Pi as a brain for a delightful display that shines through the mirror – super cool idea and who knows may make a nice gig to sell on Etsy or something similar.

Loving it so far, have it running headless in the other room, but lovely to have a low footprint for a system and next to nothing in power, even runs on battery power so may make a storage system for the truck! Lots of options!