Time for a Tech Yard Sale?

I think it might be.

I’ve managed to get myself a small pile of tech, some of it was given to me, some was purchased, but with all of it nowadays, it has no direct use.

I have some tablets and laptops which need new homes. I’m trying to decide how to go about selling these things. I’ve considered eBay for a few items, but most are still working hardware just not actively in my workflow anymore, and while some day some of it could be? I’m looking to offload it.

I’ve considered too Facebook’s selling area, or even OfferUp – so there are some options but stay tuned, likely in the next few weeks going to be some items up for grabs.

PS:149 – No Love.

We live in a world of the web being “free” and as a provider of internet type services sadly folks look at my skill set as something that should be free.

I suppose I should have called this “Some” Love vs. No Love, because there are those who are happy with services, but then there are those who just take the wind out of my sails and just dig in because in sadly 99.9% of the time error in their haste.

For instance short of his name and domain let’s talk about a recent customer, he pays $18 a year for hosting and $11 a year for the domain. Total he pays me $29 a year. Cheap. He’s been a customer since 2008, so eight years of business and I’ve made $232. Total tickets ever made: 13.

Now the old saying is you get what you pay for, right? Well with me, I go above and beyond. I’ve remote logged into this customer’s computer, I’ve set up everything that was broke, and it just worked. Now as he’s been trying to set up his iPhone (using the wrong password likely a CaPS issue) he’s sent me this email:

I am blocked from the server again… This is awful…
How can i change hosting companies and email accounts? I dont have time for this, it is an awful end user experience that id be happy to pass along unless i get some real fixing here.Please call me [redacted]
This is absurd!

Or the most recent

I DON’T HAVE EMAIL ONCE AGAIN… CALL ME!  I either want to change hosting companies so i don’t consistently have email trouble, or I really need your fixing this…

Now I’ve offered help, I’ve re-configured a desktop, the reason the desktop stops is his iPhone’s SMTP settings are wrong. Sadly since there is no remote login option, I have no way to login and fix it. Apple Genius bar folks told him “Your host sucks” and his “Webguy” said the same, which I think is likely the problem is the new webguy is wanting to say “Move to my hosting.”

I’ve done this for over 15 years. These guys are not new but doesn’t mean it doesn’t make a kick in the gut with recent events. One of my larger clients is “re-thinking” what he is doing in the web space, to the point that he let me know “I’ve researched other server options.”. That is what I do for him. Instead, he wants to bring me on in other capacities, which are not my strong suit, nor strong desire to do.

Ever feel like the nest is just uncomfortable? Lately, just every area of my life is wrong. I have ideas to jump into things, but no real drive/energy to do so, and no real support to make it all happen. I keep starting the day off with “Chin up! You can do this!” however honestly? By day’s end, I am drained, feeling defeated and wanting to just throw up my hands and say “Done.” I then see this little girl who relies on me for much and know I must push forward.

I have to change things up in some regards. Cut the fat, make some changes. Something needs to change because I can’t survive with the feeling that every area of my life sucks.