PS:300 – This is Sparta!

Okay so I had to do it, there was no option to not do it. 300 posts in, 65 to go and I’ll have posted a full year’s worth of posting. Now I know I set out to do a post a day, but as I read recently on a “Being a pro blogger” article it’s not about posting every day, it’s about posting on a schedule you can maintain.

I still plan to continue the idea of post something (PS) it’s been fun, it’s giving me a way to really post, but I want to continue to grow content. Even this a new tool I picked up it’s a great writing tool called Bear for OSX/iOS and I already pro’d up because it allows me to build out content which is easily access via the app on computers, tablets, and phone. Granted if I ever go back to Android full time I’d loose it, but for now? It works.

Has been a couple of busy days. Low on sleep, already have 10+ hours in this week for admin time, and it’s just barely Thursday. Have a server quote nearly ready to go, a little excited about it if it goes through, but I fear the customer who says:

I trust you, do whatever it takes to make my site shine!

Then the follow-up email after a quote that’s even $20 more than he was paying previously you get the response:

Won’t the original idea work? It was cheaper, and it’ll work, right?

Sadly sites that grow don’t always realize that you reach a level of popularity, you need more resources, you need to design better, plan better, you need to really work and invest into your site not just try to scrape by on the shared hosting platform you used. Move up to VPS, move up to Dedicated, move up to load balancing. If you have a site that needs jet fuel to run, don’t put in two cycle gas from your weed whacker. It’s not the same.

Going to take my quote to bed and chill out, for a bit. Till the next post.

PS:293 — Movies, Sleep, More Work

So I went out and saw Rouge One, not too shabby. I have enjoyed Star Wars since I was a kiddo, it was my go to VHS when I was sick, sadly I don’t actually own it anymore 🙁 but maybe one day I’ll grab the Blu-Ray and binge watch once Rouge One comes out and just do a BIG binge. Worth a watch! Great storyline to lead into Episode 4.

I did manage to get some extra sleep, it’s been nice to rest a little, but those things are always hanging just keep nagging then tonight or this morning… it started almost 5 hours ago a BIG WordPress optimization project with some server tweaks to help a server customer – but who knows I may rest a bit soon. I got the kiddo and wife asleep, though I think Lilly fought more than her mom.

I have a few more tweaks to make, then the final hour which I’ll do tomorrow will be taking the collective stats of the server for the last 12 hours and optimize things a bit further to allow a cleaner Apache tune-up, may do a MySQL tune-up too.

The joys of servers! Off I go.

PS:94 – Insomnia

My sleep has been so inconsistent lately. One night I can crash out, the next I see the sun coming up.

Now part of that I do blame Lilly for, one night I was nearly asleep, but then my beautiful little girl’s teeth started hurting, and while I was able to get her to sleep – me? Not so much.

Hoping this current round of painful teething ends soon.

In other news, migration on Friday hardware came in, wrapping it up tonight and tomorrow. Praying next migrated account goes better than the last batch!