PS:346 – Budgets!

It was a rough summer, that’s all I’m going to say about that end of budgeting – but here today, looking at the expenses of last month, some fat to trim.

The joys of running a business I suppose, but too you never realize how much a small child can need in a month, apparently she likes to eat 🙂 but honestly just a busy month that required a bit more out and about than planned, so some tweaks here and there and hopefully lead into the last quarter of the year a tad leaner.

I’ve taken some money too over the last few months and invested it into Crypto Currency, a good idea it seems as my buy in price for litecoin alone was good as it’s had a good spike recently, now to see if it holds!

Overall found some I could cut, and one of which I am going to try and work on over the next 3 days and see if I can work it out, as it’d cut a BIG bill each month – so when and where I can save it seems good! For now, it’s nearly 1:30 in the morning, must get some rest sooner or later, as I know my Monday while others are off will be busy since I’m not off, and they’ll have website questions! 😀

PS:314 – 51

When I started the Post Something (PS) idea , it was for 365 days. Straight. Well life has happened, and while best intentions of getting in a post a day, I’ve fallen short. If all had gone well, I’d of been done on 01/18/2017, however here we are 04/17/2017 (A few days late… right.)

I wish I could say there were valid reasons, and I’m sure there were – marriage, kiddo, family, work, sure sure, lots of options of why – but if it’s a must, then it should of been a must. I failed. Plain and simple. But like the Jamaican Bobsled Team in Cool Runnings (Thanks Netflix!) , I’m going to carry myself across the finish line and that’s 51 more posts. That’s it. Now from beyond that? Not sure how it’ll continue, likely just back to posting occasionally.

Been working on taxes (yes last minute) fighting fatigue and stress at the moment, just seems like I’m going upstream without a paddle, but ran very rough numbers, and I think I’m going to be okay. I have my $800 check set aside for the LLC minimum tax, just have to organize my numbers, which is pretty much some of my night while I wait on a few reboots/tweaks on servers, and hopefully not the entire day tomorrow. I’d love to get things setup with an accountant, I’d love to hand it off, but part of me is thinking of too maybe re-branding. Thrust Networks has always gotten me a lot of strange looks. Maybe time to shutter it, start a new name, and start the books off fresh with someone who can help me get it setup, help me streamline and make it all easier to manage year-to-year – two birds, one stone.

A lot of options on the horizon, taxes off that horizon helps a lot, a lot of changes, a lot of things in motion, I’d love to see more business growth, I’d love to have a simple tax system in the US of “You made $3 million dollars? You owe $1000.” lol something simple, I hate this overly complex system, and while companies like Turbo Tax do help cut through some of it, I’d just as soon not deal with it – so re-working the entire system sounds like a good plan on my side, just finding the way to do it, thats the big “How do I?” question.

Going to bed soon I hope, for now, back to work.

PS:77 – Breathing…. Not as easy as you’d think.

I have been congested for two days now, and over the last 2-3 hours I’ve been drinking water, tea, apple juice, and right now I’ve got about 76% of my ability to breathe working. Oi.

This weekend presented with a big server project, physical hardware came in, and it was my part to get it running, and as we moved forward to ensure it was optimized & secured. Still a lot of work to do, and still hoping to see it moved forward when it comes to overall security as it’s about two years behind but I can’t upgrade without breaking a LOT of code.

So this week leaves me with a big pile, as usual, a kiddo who is puny and me who is also feeling at half energy – should make for a busy week. Hopefully, one we’ll see the end of soon!

PS:58 – Crash and Burn

So yesterday (the joy of Monday) I puked, passed out, and made the day a complete rest day. Oi.

I wandered off into one of my new favorite spots to try and get the time lapse stuff working on my Mac Book as haven’t gotten the Raspberry Pi where it can go headless regarding commands (have a few ideas in mind). I took and used Homebrew on the MB to get things rolling for a test, and after three times I got two brief videos (150-180 photos):

The second YouTube attempted to “help” improve upon the lighting as ISO settings went crazy, so need to find a better manual settings – but spent about an hour in cold and breezy weather. Not too shabby for a first run.

Today, though, easy going, taking on some tickets, new church hosting signup’s and, of course, Ms. Lilly Grace running around behind me and in 8 minutes I’ve promised her we’ll grab lunch – may eat at the park. Not sure. Few more things to wrap up then it’s off we go!

PS:24 – Sick Kiddo

Not a ton to write on today. Lilly for a few days has been frumpy and would go from energy 100% to 1% in 3.8 seconds flat. Today she was crying a bit, and then it came.



Hint of Fruit Loops.



Boy howdy, there was a lot, and she was so upset about it. Like puking it just was pushing out, her tummy was done with it. So keep my little Lilly in your prayers. She’s simply exhausted.

PS:2 – Sick

I’ve been sick the last few days, even Monday I felt pretty crummy, hoping that today continues to level it out.

I hate being sick. I hate it, even more, when I’m feeling crummy with the kiddo, but she’s been feeling bad off and on too, puked the other night 🙁 but her sick is even worse than me not feeling good. Me I can push, rest, or whatever I need to function. She doesn’t she looks to me to feel better.

One of the big things that have helped is teething tablets from Hyland’s Baby. They are awesome and work amazingly well! I recently tried their cold tablets to help her stuffy nose, and I kid you not, after even half a dose she was breathing easier! Much quicker than Vicks for her (YMMV) and it’s great they are on Amazon (links above) or if you prefer your local Target!

This week is going to be a busy one!