PS:332 – No Rest. Lots to Do.

So here we are at nearly 3:30 am, seems like a rather common place for me, tonight the culprit was an old PHP app which is showing growth pains (seems to be the usual culprit, sadly its all the same collection of apps in a big website) but I solved the issue in part.

It was creating far too many elements to toss into an array in a cookie, and at some point the garbage was overwhelming and not letting the actual new info in. Easy fix? Cut it down to 100 items displayed. Now customer will likely want those additional items displayed, but for starters? It’s allowing adding/removing – hoping it doesn’t fiddle with reports, but again this thing was not built with the idea this would ever happen.

I have another website I was tinkering with tonight, however, I think I am going to wrap up, thus why I am sitting at the workstation just taking some time to chill out and write. One of the reasons I have it setup. Now granted things are wobbly, I used this as a temp desk before my door desk, but I have a few desk options in mind to build (or get lazy and buy it at IKEA) 😀

Did manage to snag a $300+ monitor for half price, and it’s very crisp, clean and so far working smoothly (writing this using it) a lot nicer than my current monitor on the other desk, but another expense for another year as I doubt the other one is going to die, and it’ll work for now 🙂

Ramblings aside? It’s been a rough couple of weeks. A lot of stress, before I dug back into the code actually just stopped – took a minute, got my bearings and dug back in completing what needed to be done TODAY. More to do later once I wake up, praying things continue to improve and get better, need less stress.

PS:283 – Workin Late (Story of my life!)

It has been a busy day, and a busy night. So far I’ve done the following (not the complete list but a chunk of it)

  • Stopped a spammer
  • Rebuilt a customer project from scratch (few things to fix still, but not sure if the customer will be happy)
  • Sorted a customer email issue.
  • Learned a lot about a piece of software I own!
  • Got a little girl to sleep (she was still hungry!)
  • Setup for a meeting at 1 tomorrow.
  • Checked on Shipments!
  • and much much more!

Tomorrow I have a few things I want to get accomplished, including if I can wing it make it out to the radio station with this spare drive to copy some files and see if I can do a clean install of Windows 10 after the fact.

Busy week continues!

PS:208 – The Hackintosh.

So why? I like to think different. 🙂

What did I get? Well for you few who may sneak in from time to time, here’s what I’m working with:

  • Thermaltake Core V1 Mini ITX Cube
  • Intel Boxed Core I5-6600K 3.50 GHz, 6 M Processor
  • Gigabyte LGA1151 Intel Z170 Mini-ITX DDR4 Motherboards GA-Z170N-Gaming 5
  • Ballistix Sport LT 32GB Kit (16GBx2) DDR4 2400 DIMM 288-Pin – (Red)
  • Zalman CPU Cooler
  • ADATA Premier SP550 240GB 2.5 Inch SATA III
  • TP-LINK N900 2.4GHz or 5GHz

I have an idea on getting the Apple parts which will help with getting things like continuity and handoff , but basically an i5 3.5ghz processor, with 32GB of ram, nice case, good cooling, solid Wifi, and an always blazing SSD? Yes please.

All the parts are noted as shipped, should be here later today (yes I’m still awake, so it’s only a few hours into Today! But all things said and done, hoping it’ll be solid, too room for a few hard drives or SSD’s in which if I want to triple boot (Windows, Linux, Mac) I can 😀 So pretty jazzed about this, going to then clear off my MacBook, do one huge “see if it helps” clean install, but it honestly may just be time to retire it.

So far in my late night working I’ve gotten 1 site optimized a bit, a caching server setup, 4 email concerns sorted, renewed 3 SSL certificates, and worked on a new email filtering service I may deploy fleet wide (which would solve so many issues, and stop spam!) but I’ve still got a quote to write, sleep to get in, and praying that Lilly feels better in the AM, currently on sinus meds (Tiny cold tabs!) and teething tabs as she’s starting at it again (she just wants these teeth DONE!).

Brief break while compiling is over, back to work!

PS:193 – Rebuilding Rome.

So I have had a slew of projects on the docket the last few weeks, one of the big ones is a magazine’s online version of their print publication, and I was brought in to pick up the pieces and put out fires where the other developer decided to move on to things that were “worth my time” as he put it. So I picked up the pieces, and to top it off, the server they inherited got 4 SMART Hard Drive notifications of pre-failure. Ack.

I’ve moved fairly quickly to get things sorted, online and operational including converting an old piece of hardware into a cloud server with 10x the ram, modern CPU and SSD glory. Very happy with the finished product, it has been a nightmare overall but it’s DONE.

I am going to now spend the next 2 days burning through code like mad to meet another deadline, Monday I have a 1pm meeting with a guy about his website design (need to put it online) and somewhere in there – nap time! Woohoo!


PS:186 – Travel Day – Ugh.

Today was a travel day, the idea was simple Train to Sacramento -> Uber -> Airport -> Rental Car -> Carson City Bound. So let’s go step by step.


Awesome as always, people to talk to, no driving for me, and got us to Sacramento on time. And that’s where it went downhill.

Uber {Fail!}

Uber was the big talk online, even their site talks about car seats, however apparently no one in Sacramento has one. After 3 failed attempts I found a lady who claimed she had one, and came right away. However upon arrival she tells me she does not, then proceeds to bill me $5 for the cancellation. sigh then we gave up, trekked 2 blocks or so to the 042A bus and took a 30 minute bus to the airport, a shuttle to the rental cars for the fail.

Budget Rental Car {Fail!}

They got my money, then lost my car. Yes. Lost my car. It was coming to the front, had a car seat, and they lost it. I think it was over an hour (it all becomes a haze in heat + exhaustion + frustration) but finally a manager swooped in, gave me a SUV upgrade at the base car price, and got us on our way (woot!)


We swing through Truckee -> North Lake Tahoe -> Carson City and crashed out for the night (please note there were activities, I’m just too tired to write anymore so I’m wrapping up) 🙂

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!