PS:255 – Tir… Oh who am I kidding.

I think 90% of my posts as of late could be quite simply “Tired” because let’s face it, I am.

I love Lilly a lot, but her sleep schedule has been less than ideal, today though, today we may be back on track! She even put HERSELF in bed, danced under the blanket for a little bit, then crashed out completely.

So I’m getting in some work done shortly, I’m trying to focus up by writing as it does help, I could take a nap with her, but hoping we’ll see a good follow-up tonight of sleep for me and her as I have a 11AM meeting with a datacenter, working out an entirely new plan for server growth, something that long-term will give some room for growth, and higher availability to boot! Tomorrow we talk fine-tuning the solution, my big thing is storage. SSD = Super Fast however SATA = LARGE Storage. So we’ll see.

Back to it.