PS:328 – Days Left… or Right.

Days left (as of writing) in this year are 162. That’s it. I only have 37 days until I have written a year’s worth of blog posts. Seems workable.

Been one of those weeks. No stop. Ok, there were a few stops which I hadn’t planned on, thus why it’s 4 am and I’m still awake.

I’ve been working on TFH ideas in the background, TNLLC site ideas, and really putting together some nice finishing touches on FH.  Yes, most of that may seem like code, but typing is not fun right now. I’ve been in this chair too long today.

Next week could be similar, a lot to get done, have one project finally 50% done, I wish it was closer to 75%, but I do sleep now and again, but the goal is to wrap it up no-matter-what this week, that includes a music class, gymnastics class & a swim class for Ms. 3 years old this week 🙂 She’s a busy kiddo, a little overwhelmed by Gymnastics, but she’s learning, she’s exploring, she’s a happy kid.

So going to try and wrap things up here at 4:06 am, tomorrow there are plans to be busy, but honestly? I just want to rest this weekend, but Lilly’s Aunt is coming down, there is a party, I’m in charge of a cake, and I think pizza lol. Aka I guess I’m the food guy! So a lot to work on might as well get at least 5 hours in before I must be awake. Night all.

PS:218 – Monday?

Best plans never go the way they should. Monday has gone fair, getting caught up more, the Todo shrank a little, but sadly grew some too. Picked up a project which never in the past has been done, it’s at least 6 years in the making (if not more) I got a customer to update away from ancient software that had been hacked one too many times. Woot!

Pondering the blog’s continued existence. Make it more professional? Maybe a resume site?

PS:198 – New Day

So yesterday I did throw up. Was not fun at all, through my first meeting I got texts galore from a customer who will remain nameless…. which lead to being late for the next tasks I had some work at the LifeFM to accomplish, and I did in the end, just about 1 1/2 hours later than originally planned 🙁

Server issues were insane, cPanel setup kept saying email servers weren’t real, and since I know Gmail and AOL are real, well – it was pesky but got it sorted in the end, but still left me tired.

All in all my noon meeting went over great, some work to do today, but my second meeting I’m now waiting on leg work from the customer – and hopefully today will bring more rest. I blame Lilly for rest last night, we laid down, and here I am. Totally missed a migration I had planned for last night, thankfully it was my plan, not a customer plan but I’m going to check DNS settings (I think the TTL is set to 300 still) and if that is the case, I’m going to flip it around 1pm.

For now going to sneak in a bit of work while the kiddo sleeps. I tried to go back to sleep myself, however still just too much to do and my brain is set on doing it. Happy Tuesday.

PS:162 – Jonah is Born

So with mail issues becoming more and more a concern for a bulk of my FlockHosters I needed a more stable solution for mail. It needed to be something outside of the shared world, only “shared” in this setup is other customers, but not shared with outdated and exploited apps.

Looking forward to this new 3TB beast hosting at least 100 customers, that could mean still a few hosts per customer, but all in all, this setup should help those having problems email a little easier and then move WordPress installs and such to a smart host or have customers sign-up for Railgun or similar transactional email service.

For now, Jonah is SSL’d on all services, start moving folks in tomorrow.

PS:106 – When you can’t sleep…

Lilly had a rough night last night, as did I. She, however, is sleeping awesomely right now which she needs mucho more of!

So when I can’t sleep I try to clear my head, try to stop sorting things out, go blank. I want all the noise to stop. Let’s be honest though – that rarely ever happens.

So last night till about 4:30 AM I was working on a few articles for TFH, Cleaned up’s few upgrade glitches, wrote a blog post, newsletter and social posts for Flock’s 14yr celebration, and eventually slept after talking myself out of a drone sunrise 🙂

I did get some good news this morning a box shipped from China, my Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2 is being shipped! I had hoped that I’d get the 2.1 (maybe I did!), but as it stands its the v2 listed so, we’ll see in 2 days (delivery is Wednesday).  I am super pumped, have a handful of prints I want to do, been sorting out to some cool toys and artsy stuff for selling! (Hello Etsy & Farmers Markets!)

My creative feeling is ramping up lately, and this 3D Printer has me excited! TFH has me excited including a re-brand (yes I know I haven’t launched yet) but wanted something more iconic than what I had. I’ll post about it with hopefully a screenshot here this week!

Hoping for a better week. Hoping for even just a better day. Still covet your prayers! Praying things are on a good track!


PS:36 – The Week Ahead

This week is going to be a busy one! This morning even I had a phone call from a customer wanting to look at a server option for his customer to help tune up Apache response time so he can gain some milliseconds for SEO sake.

Aside from that possible spin-up, I’m reviewing a server in how to best break down things into three other servers (as it’s overloaded) hoping to have at least 50% of it split off by middle of next month (if not sooner).

I have a website to finish, another server migration of 2 VPS -> 1 Dedicated, and as of about 5 minutes ago, malware/hack cleanup of a company’s set of websites. Oi.

Glad I got some sleep under the belt this weekend, and just now with the kiddo as she had been up since 7am-ish and wasn’t stopping but it required me for the nap apparently! So she (still sleeping) and I got a nap in, and I’m now up going to sneak in a pile of work as she rests!

PS:21 – What can I do?

I know I’m all over the map lately. It’s my life currently. I’m at that spot where I’m waiting to see what this job offer brings. Why? Maybe it’s time to mix things up a bit more than just being the “company owner”.

July 2014 I did get a new title added to my business card: Dad. Big upgrade, huge list of responsibilities, and a cute little girl who does like laughing at my jokes.  But since then I’ve picked up bigger jobs, more work, more responsibility. Talk about stress.

I’ve looked at starting a website, I’ve tried expanding my product lines, I am upping my game, but sadly a lot of it falls flat. I started a ministry website before she was born, really looking to write and share my faith more online. The last post was April 2015. Not too active for over a year.

I want to be a good dad. My dad wasn’t the steady job guy for quite a long time. As a kid he was sick a lot, he did things like rebuilt cars, handyman work. He did get a 9-to-5 job, till he got hurt on the job, but my dad did his best to take care of us all – and that’s what I’m trying to do too.

I’ve been told “Chuck why don’t you do something else?” maybe this job is it. Sure same field, but dedicated pay, insurance, I could simplify my taxes! The lack of my own business I could turn things down, no LLC taxes, no long-form tax returns, simple.

The thing is I do love doing what I do. This past week has been insanely stressful, but at the end of the day, I’ve gotten some amazing responses from my client base. More of a club it feels like than a business sometimes, but imagine how much the stress goes down when you read:

Huzzah! Thank you for your heroic efforts.

Thanks, as always, for all that you do for us!

Everything looks perfect on our site. Praise the Lord!

Thanks Chuck for all you are doing!

Sure I had some customers not as happy, but in the end not a single customer left, and the lights continue to be up and online 95 hrs, 11 mins at the current check of remote monitoring.

It’s not all about the praise. I mean it doesn’t hurt 🙂 but at the end of the day I love working for these people. Sure it may not be $300 a month clients or billing them each for support @ $65/hour – but it’s a blessing to get a check from someone saying “Thanks for your help”. It’s nice to know your work is appreciated.

But I’m thinking more and more like a dad. So much coming up in life, so much I want to have Lilly do. Some tough choices to make do I stay or do I go.

Some things to definitely pray about.