PS:324 – Direction

It has been a crazy summer.  Not easy to find a balance sometimes, but working hard to, my project this weekend has been a bold one. What is it?

Make my office workable.


It’s not that it is impossible to work in here, it’s just I don’t like the layout for productivity. My goal is to make this desk I’m at right now my “get work done” desk. However, I want to swap out the table for a similar build as this desk and have it be more “creative” so writing, designing, and creating.


Going to work on this till about 1 AM tops, tomorrow I am going to enjoy GOG2 with my dad, should be nice to go see a flick with the guy – I do like him 😀

For now going to work on what I can work on, may go get the makings of another door desk tomorrow after the movie, because let’s be honest, what says fun like 105F weather + a 60-80lb door lugged into the house -or- plan B which is sleep 😀

All alone this weekend too, wife and kiddo are at the beach with her mom and sister until Monday, so sadly a bit too quiet here.

PS:57 – Fixing. Building. Solutions

The other night I sat recording video to find out that due to constraints of an FAT32 formatted SD Card concept when made, the camera only records up to 4GB, then cuts. So if you watch this video, you may see some cuts:

So I looked for a solution as I want to build this channel – I’ve made a whopping $0.09 🙂 but honestly I just enjoy the fresh air, beautiful sights, and time to pray.

The solution came by way of a birthday present, my Raspberry Pi. I’ve built it out as a camera controller using gPhoto as per a post on MakeUseOf (the post). Some things you should note if you find this post:

  • Camera Used: EOS Rebel T3
  • Connection: USB
  • Configuration: Enable HDMI Control (Only way it’d see the camera for some reason)
  • Lens Settings: Disable AF (Auto Focus) as the commands didn’t translate, looking for a fix.

I haven’t taken it out for a shooting yet, mainly because the Pi has become a huge part of my network as I’m using Pi-Hole to manage my DNS and stop Ads. I am looking at a Pi Zero or Pi 3 for photography, that combined with my 10k battery, I think it should last long enough to control the camera and take a time lapse or two. Weather allowing would be an impressive sight with bright colors and big greens lately, but then long-term maybe some sunset’s and sunrises, not to mention a good breezy day, possibilities are endless!

Now the camera wasn’t the old thing I managed to sort out this weekend. Local Weather guy who will remain nameless gave me a laptop to try and fix, and sadly the drive was completely failed, and he said I could keep it as I requested. I had this project in mind since it hit the tech sites again the ability to take older laptop tech and make a Chromebook. So I did.

Thanks to Neverware I have a laptop with a 120GB SSD running ChromeOS with no real fuss. Granted it’s not an “official” one, but it pulled in my profile and set my Lilly wallpaper and downloaded ALL of my plugins and apps from my Chromebook Profile. Quite nice!

I don’t think long-term I’m going to keep it, going to kick the tires a bit, but then find it a new home. College Student, Writer, Someone looking for a no-fuss laptop. As long as after kicking the tires it doesn’t just fail or go nuts, I’ll clear it, and make it ready for someone else likely on the cheap or free to a good home, time will tell.

Well, that’s my writing for the day as this week is slated to be n-u-t-s. Throw in a time change hitting hard, Going to do my best to stay upright. Have a good week all.